Following the United States and its European allies, Australia has now announced that it will continue its investigation against China

Is Corona causing World War III?

Washington … News Time After its European allies, the United States and Australia have now announced that they will continue their investigation against China. Australian Foreign ... Continue Reading →
Yoshiro Mori, head of the Tokyo Olympics

If Olympics do not take place in 2021, they will not be held again

Tokyo … News Time The head of the Tokyo Olympics, Yoshiro Mori, has said that if the 2021 Tokyo Olympics were not held, they would never be held again. This year’s scheduled ... Continue Reading →
Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden

Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden sharply criticize each other

Washington … News Time The US presidential election is just over six months away. The issue of the global coronavirus epidemic has become so important in electoral matters that ... Continue Reading →
The latest death toll from Corona exceeds 218,371, according to the latest figures.

Coronavirus death 218,371 worldwide   and the number of victims reached 3,148,709

News Time Coronavirus death toll continues to rise globally. The latest death toll from Corona exceeds 218,371, according to the latest figures. The number of people infected with ... Continue Reading →
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un’s silence may be an attempt to escape Corona, South Korea

Seoul … News Time South Korean officials say North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s mysterious silence may have been caused by the coronavirus rather than his illness. According ... Continue Reading →
Japan has banned citizens from 14 more countries from entering the country in a crackdown on coronaviruses

Japan bans citizens of 14 more countries

Tokyo … News Time The Japanese government has stepped up measures against coronaviruses at entry points, banning citizens from 14 more countries from entering Japan. The government ... Continue Reading →
On January 28 this year, Trump announced a Middle East peace plan, saying that Jerusalem would remain Israel's "undivided capital."

U S is ready to implement the announced peace plan for the Middle East

Washington … News Time The United States has said it is ready to recognize Israel’s annexation of much of the West Bank, and has called on the new coalition government ... Continue Reading →
In India, Muslims are being mistreated under the guise of this virus

Hitler Modi government continues atrocities on Muslims under Hindutva ideology

New Delhi … News Time In India, Hitler Modi’s government continues to persecute Muslims under the Hindutva ideology. The Modi government has blamed Muslims for the coronavirus. ... Continue Reading →
A total of 1,293 civilians were affected by the fighting in the first three months of which 760 were injured while the rest were killed.

Afghanistan, violence escalates after peace deal, UN

Kabul … News Time The United Nations says violence in Afghanistan has escalated since the United States and the Taliban signed an agreement to pave the way for a peace process. ... Continue Reading →
Bangladesh blocks Rohingya Muslims from migrating from Myanmar

Bangladesh left hungry and thirsty Rohingyas to die

Dhaka … News Time Bangladesh blocked the arrival of Rohingya Muslims migrating from Myanmar. According to news agencies, Bangladeshi Foreign Minister A K Abdul Momen has announced ... Continue Reading →