The dollar hit a seven-month low in the interbank market

Rupee stronger against Dollar, Pound, Euro and Riyal

Karachi … News Time Last week, the US dollar depreciated further against the rupee due to rising remittance income from legal channels in the country. The rupee continued to ... Continue Reading →
On Monday, it fell from $ 20.43 a barrel to $ 21 a barrel

US oil prices plummet toward recovery

New York … News Time US crude prices return to recovery after falling 0.00% for the first time due to falling demand and rising reserves Asian stock markets have also been hit ... Continue Reading →
Sellers of crude oil were forced to pay the buyer $ 37.63 per barrel in addition to oil

US crude oil price plummets into negative zone for the first time in history

Washington … News Time US crude oil prices went down negatively for the first time in history, followed by a downward trend in Wall Street. According to foreign news agency AFP, ... Continue Reading →
Saudi Arabia calls for emergency oil exporting countries

Trump wants to cut 10.5 million barrels in global oil production

Washington … News time Saudi Arabia calls for emergency oil exporting countries While US President Donald Trump has called for a 10.5million barrels a day production in order ... Continue Reading →
The dollar was priced at Rs 166

The rupee’s value against the dollar is stable, dollar came to Rs 166

Karachi … News Time In the interbank market, the rupee appreciated against the dollar and the dollar gained 166 rupees. According to data provided by the Exchange Companies Association ... Continue Reading →
The dollar rose to Rs 166.15

The dollar rose to Rs 166.15, Gold one lakh rupees per tola

Karachi…. News Time Foreign investors have begun to withdraw their money from Pakistan due to a 1.5% reduction in interest rates by the government of Pakistan. This led to a ... Continue Reading →
The dollar is trading at 163.50 paise in Interbank

Dollar traded in the interbank at Rs.163.50

Karachi … News Time According to currency dealers, the dollar is trading at 163.50 paise in Interbank. The dollar had increased by three rupees on the previous day. The value ... Continue Reading →
US crude oil fell $ 22 to 41 cents a barrel

In the global market, crude oil prices fell to the lowest level in 29 years

New York … News Time The Coronavirus has hit the global economy, the global market saw a sharp drop in crude oil prices, and this week was the worst for stock markets. Coronavirus ... Continue Reading →
Tokyo's Nikkei 225 Index fell 0.88 percent to 16,163.36 points on Tuesday.

Overall growth in Asian stock markets, the downturn in Russian

Hong Kong … News Time Despite Coronavirus’ deteriorating situation and falling crude oil prices, stock markets in Asian countries, including Gulf countries, have risen overall; ... Continue Reading →
Japan crude oil prices fall 30%

Japan crude oil prices fall 30%, Oil prices slump in Asian markets

Tokyo … News Time Japan’s crude oil prices recorded a near 30 percent decline, which is due to the world-leading exporter, Saudi Arabia, announcing a massive drop in prices ... Continue Reading →