Actor director and producer Tanveer Jamal's big budget film "Japanese Connection"

Japanese Mafia based Pakistani film Japanese Connection

Tokyo … News Time Tanvir Jamal, a renowned actor-director and producer released in various cities of Japan, has completed the shooting of the big-budget movie “Japanese ... Continue Reading →
In this movie, actor Sanjay Dutt plays the role of Ahmad Shah Abdali, the founder of the Durrani Empire in Afghanistan.

Indian movie “Panipat” and the troubles of Afghans

New Delhi … News Time There is a debate in Afghanistan about a film being released in India in December next month. Many Afghans are worried about how Ahmad Shah Abdali will ... Continue Reading →
First Pakistani horror film "PARI"

Trailer of first Pakistani horror film “PARI” released

Karachi … News Time The horror and terror-filled Pakistan horror movie “PARI” trailer has gained attention from fans. Films spreading fear and terror around the world ... Continue Reading →
The horror thriller movie trailer Desolation

The horror thriller movie trailer Desolation Official Trailer released

Hollywood … News Time Fear and terror Hollywood horror thriller movie trailer Desolation Official Trailer released. The story of this exciting movie made in director of David ... Continue Reading →
New Sci-Fi Action movie '2307: Winter's Dream'

The first trailer released by the new Sci-Fi Action movie ’2307: Winter’s Dream’

Hollywood … News Time The story of this film made in Joey Curtis’s recipe is rotating around the year 2307 when a team on a special mission is set to catch a rebel robot. ... Continue Reading →
Action Adventure movie series Lara Craft: Tomb Raider

Action Adventure movie series Lara Craft: Tomb Raider The release of first trailer

Los Angeles … News Time In 2001 and 2003, Angelina Jolie’s Block Buster Hollywood Action Adventure movie series Lara Craft: Tomb Raider is ready to return. Highlights of ... Continue Reading →
new animated film Godzilla: Monster Planet

The first trailer release of the new animated film Godzilla: Monster Planet  

Hollywood … News Time Dangerous Godzilla: Monster Planet is coming to destroy destruction again and in this regard the Blast Buster is animated and 32nd movie release of Godzilla ... Continue Reading →
Horror film “Mother”

The new horror film “Mother “trailer Reveals

Hollywood … News Time The first trailer of Hollywood’s new movie “Mother” has been released. The new horror movie is a story of a woman whose guests come home, ... Continue Reading →
World War II film 'Dunkirk'

The battle on the World War II film ‘Dunkirk’ remains the top position

Los Angeles … News Time Thriller film “Dunkirk”, who walked around the action-packed World War II, kept the top position on box office by earning more than $ 105.9 ... Continue Reading →
Bruce Lee's main role in film is Philip NG

New exclusive clip of Bruce Lee-based film Birth of the Dragon on display  

Los Angeles … News Time Bruce Lee is a well-known American actor and martial arts expert because the new highlights of the American Martial Arts drama “Birth of the Dragon” ... Continue Reading →