British Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary

The royal couple’s fifth wedding anniversary

London … News Time British Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton celebrated the fifth anniversary of his marriage, Out of the Duke and Duchess Buckingham Palace wedding ... Continue Reading →
جاپان Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Japan’s Hitomi X-ray satellite has been abandoned

Tokyo … News Time Japan’s space agency said that Astro-H attempts to regain control of the satellite is permanently abandoned. Hitomi was sent into space to observe the ... Continue Reading →
Bombing 12 thousand houses were fully heap

Israeli blockade, the UN has stopped construction projects in Gaza

GAZA … News Time Organization of the United Nations Human Rights Palestinian territories, said Ohchr by the Israeli authorities since the closure of supply of cement and building ... Continue Reading →
The Great Khali

Wrestling Top 10 players who have become power drunk killer

New York … News Time Sometimes become bloody or colored playgroundand sometimes the player becomes a murdererWrestling and boxing are the games in which the players often look for ... Continue Reading →
Gay marriage is now declared legal in Colombia

Gay marriage is now declared legal in Colombia

Bogota … News Time Colombia has declared lesbian marriages legal. Pakistan Daily Global allows gay marriages in Colombia have become the fourth country in Latin America. In the ... Continue Reading →
Iran's parliamentary elections

Iran’s parliamentary elections polling for the second phase

TEHRAN … News Time In 21 provinces for the second round of Iran’s parliamentary elections continue polling. Iran’s 21 provinces, according to a foreign news agency getting ... Continue Reading →
Helicopter crashes in Norway, killing 11 passengers  

Helicopter crashes in Norway, killing 11 passengers  

Oslo … News Time The helicopter crashed along the coast of Norway, which killed 11 passengers on board 2 while searching for the missing passengers. Norway’s emergency ... Continue Reading →
US Agency defense system THAAD launch

US Decide to be install missile defense system in South Korea, China, Russia objections

Beijing … News Time From the United States on the possible installation of sophisticated anti-missile system in South KoreaRussia and China have expressed concern jointlyand ... Continue Reading →
'Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building

‘Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building

Beijing … News Time China is the second tallest building in the world. The 127-story Shanghai Tower Burj Khalifa, the world’s second tallest building, which is 632 meters ... Continue Reading →
British Parliament: 3 thousand abandoned children reject suggestion to accept

British Parliament: 3 thousand abandoned children reject suggestion to accept

Birmingham … News Time Parliament rejected the proposal to accept the 3 thousand abandoned children left the refugees camps of Europe. Conservative ruling party has rejected ... Continue Reading →