Egypt's Queen Nefertiti

The tomb of the ancient Egyptian queen was detected     

Karachi … News Time Experts legendary reputation Pharaoh Tutankhamun and ancient Egyptian queen mother, Queen Nefertiti’s tomb was detected. The underground rasun sensitive ... Continue Reading →
Jamat e Islami protest against executions in Bangladesh, picket        

Jamat e Islami protest against executions in Bangladesh, picket        

Lahore … News Time Executions in Bangladesh, organized by the Islamic mosque located on Mall Road, which was staged in front of witnesses Amir Jamaat ul-Haq and other party ... Continue Reading →
Tokyo Star Light Garden

Japan: two lakh 80 thousand dazzling Christmas lights garden               

Tokyo … News Time Like worldwide Christmas preparations are on the rise in Japan decorated with thousands of Christmas lights in the garden has been open to the public. Tokyo ... Continue Reading →
Actress Mathira        

Not a legacy of art, Actress Mathira

Lahore … News Time Mathira actress said that people do not care about my words. He expressed these views while talking to a private channel. Mathira was a legacy of the Art ... Continue Reading →
Barbarous Russian bombing in Syria on the market, 60 killed

Barbarous Russian bombing in Syria on the market, 60 killed

Damascus, Ankara, Moscow…. News Time In the brutal Russian attack on a market of more than 60 civilians were killed and 30 wounded, while the 3 buildings were destroyed. Turkey ... Continue Reading →
Russia declares India unsafe, for tourists

Russia declares India unsafe, for tourists

Moscow … News Time Russia because of the Hindu extremist operationsIndia was declared unsafe country nationals to travel bans. Cow smuggling police firing killed one Muslim and ... Continue Reading →
Hyper-sonic aircraft will be completed by 2030

20 times faster than the speed of sound, traveling start to work at hyper-sonic aircraft

Berlin … News Time Europe, America and Australia millions of passengers who travel in transcending usually exhausting 20-hour journey to arrive at your destination but experts ... Continue Reading →
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Pak, India talks to resolve the help offered: Ban Ki Moon

Geneva … News Time The United Nations, India has offered help to resolve, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that Pakistan, India talks are the only way to improve relations ... Continue Reading →
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Turkish counterpart refused to hear the phone, Houthi militia leader Abdul Malik’s Al-Houthi brother killed in an attack

Moscow … News Time President of the Russian plane dropped the angry Turkish counterpart has refused to hear the call. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish ... Continue Reading →
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The Palestinian Authority will not have an inch earth: Israeli Prime Minister

JERUSALEM … News Time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Palestinian Authority would not back an inch. They say that a goodwill gesture to Palestinian Authority to ... Continue Reading →