The Palestinian Authority will not have an inch earth: Israeli Prime Minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Palestinian Authority would not back an inch. They say that a goodwill gesture to Palestinian Authority to control any part of the West Bank land will not accept any proposal. Israel’s ruling party, according to Hamas ” Likud ” Addressing the meeting Netanyahu argued that neither the Palestinians nor 10 thousand dunam area of ​​40 thousand dunam are ready to give. We Palestinians can not give an inch of space. Netanyahu said that the media reports they are absolutely unfounded Part of West Bank land that the Israeli government to the Palestinian Authority is considering. There has been no decision. We can not give up a single inch of Palestine. However, recently the news was published in the media in the West Bank and Gaza, the Israeli government continues to control stress Palestinian Authority control of some areas are considered.


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