Russian President Turkish counterpart refused to hear the phone, Houthi militia leader Abdul Malik’s Al-Houthi brother killed in an attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow … News Time

President of the Russian plane dropped the angry Turkish counterpart has refused to hear the call. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan before a call was not answered. This call ISIS in the attacking Turkey from Russian aircraft shot down was to eliminate the stress. President Vladimir Putin the prime minister has not answered the call. Russia’s famous Liberal Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky to avenge the Russian plane crash in Turkey has proposed a nuclear bomb. Turkish media said Russia’s famous Liberal Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky is quoted the Russian plane crash that Turkey’s Bosporus to avenge the atomic bomb is proposed. Vladimir Zhirinovsky Moskva radio in the Hurriyet said in an interview excerpt from Istanbul nfsy the world can be easily cut off. Britain and Spain in the evening, thousands of people held protests against the ongoing air operations. Protesters said the military action would strengthen, not weaken the ISIS. According to foreign media these days the world powers, has been the target of anger, ISIS coalition against Syrian territory since the myriad missiles have been fired and the United Kingdom to join the air operations is planned. Opponents of the Syrian air operations were in the field, thousands of demonstrators gathered in central London to protest against the government. Iran’s army chief General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan has admitted that his country against the Assad regime to crush the rebellion Russia purchased large quantities of light and heavy weapons, Tehran, Moscow, called the T-90 tanks and other sophisticated weapons also intends to purchase, Which included heavy weapons, The purpose of buying weapons from Russia in some countries military forces to support the pro-Iran. Spanish police in Catalonia, northeast of the country on suspicion of recruiting fighters for ISIS 3 persons including a woman were arrested. Tensions between Russia and Turkey has increased instead of decreasing, Russia on the Turkish economic and travel sanctions are imposed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the package of sanctions against Turkey have signed the order. The Arab television claimed that Yemen’s Houthi militia leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi’s brother Ibrahim Bader al-Houthi located along the border with Saudi Arabia in Yemen have been killed. Saudi military action by coalition forces two such boats destroyed by the Yemeni rebel’s alleged weapons were being delivered.


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