Three years imprisonment for physical or mental abuse of husband’s wife

Three years imprisonment for violence against husband or wife of relatives

Three years imprisonment for violence against husband or wife of relatives

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved amendments to the Criminal and Pakistan Penal Code laws, which will be presented at the next federal cabinet meeting. According to Federal Law Minister Forough Naseem, amendments to more than 600 laws have been proposed which will be tabled in Parliament after cabinet approval. According to the federal law minister, after approval by the cabinet, the amendment bill will be passed by the parliament and not by an ordinance. The government has decided to introduce a new US and UK-style independent prosecution service that will change the police and judicial system. According to Forough Naseem, the proposed law includes digitization of FIRs, trial procedures, law of evidence and use of modern tools.

What are the amendments in Pakistan Penal Code?

Changes in Code of Criminal Procedure 1898 in the Preliminary Draft available with Urdu News, Amendments in Pakistan Penal Code 1860, Law of Evidence Order 1984, Other Criminal Laws, Amendments in Pakistan Prison Roll 1978, Appeal for Mercy, Islamabad Includes draft bill of Criminal Prosecution Service Act 2021 and proposals on Forensic Science Agency Act 2021 in Islamabad.

Three years imprisonment proposed for violence against husband or wife of relatives:

The amendments proposed by Federal Law Minister Forough Naseem proposed to include a section on prevention of violence against women in the Pakistan Penal Code. Section 498D provides for imprisonment for up to three years if the wife is found guilty of violence against her husband or any of his relatives. According to the proposed section, any such act would fall into the category of violence against a woman which would force her to commit suicide or cause her mental or physical harm. Harassment of women for possession of property is also included in this category. It is also proposed to add a new section 354B to the Pakistan Penal Code. According to him, punishment is also proposed for stalking a woman, not only on foot but also on any complaint of stalking on social media or internet, police can take action. Under these provisions, the police may issue a warning for the first time, while the second time a complaint is received; a fine of up to three months imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 100,000 are proposed. However, in case of repeated complaints of an individual, the punishment is proposed to be increased to one year imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 500,000.

Proposed two years imprisonment and fine of Rs 500,000 for defaming army:

The Pakistan Penal Code proposes to add a new section on defamation of the army, which also provides for two years imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 500,000 for defaming the army. According to him, two years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 500,000 could be imposed for deliberately defaming Pakistan’s armed forces. If such a complaint is lodged by the Pakistan Armed Forces, it is proposed to be filed by the Judge Advocate General Branch of the Pakistan Army.

Must be a SHO graduate and a few other tips:

According to the proposed draft, it is proposed that the minimum educational qualification of SHO of any police station should be graduate and his rank should not be less than that of sub-inspector. The proposed amendments also suggest changes to section 160. According to which, a boy or a girl under the age of 15 and a woman over the age of 65 cannot be called to the police station and in any case, if it is necessary to interrogate them, it is suggested to interrogate them at their residence. In any case, an amendment to section 173 has been proposed to oblige the police to complete the investigation expeditiously. According to which the police officer has to complete the investigation within 45 days of registering the case. In case the investigation is not completed within the stipulated days, the investigating officer will send a supplementary report to the prosecutor within three days. Once the case is registered and the investigation is complete, the prosecutor will have the power to return the police investigation in case of any objection and ask him to take further evidence to strengthen the case. At the direction of the prosecutor, the police officer will be bound to follow these instructions and in case of non-compliance, he will give reasons in writing. Under the proposed amendment, the courts would have to complete the hearing of any case within 9 months, failing which the relevant High Court would have to state its reasons. Once the reason is accepted by the High Court, a new timeline and time will be fixed. In case of any government difficulty in this regard, the High Court may direct any government agency to remove that obstacle.


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