EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen

European Parliament gives final approval for UK’s withdrawal from the coalition

Brussels – News Time The EU Parliament gave Britain the final approval to dissociate from the coalition almost half a century later, which is considered a setback to the unity’s ... Continue Reading →
US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump impeachment

Washington … News Time US President Donald Trump’s impeachment lawsuit is slowly moving forward. In the latest action, Trump’s defense team is responding to the Democratic ... Continue Reading →
Voting on resolutions by the European Parliament has been postponed until March

European Parliament delays voting on India’s controversial citizenship law

Brussels – News Time The European Parliament on Wednesday strongly condemned the resolutions presented by six parliamentary groups against the amendment of the citizenship law ... Continue Reading →
Memory is essentially a complex process, which involves obtaining, remembering, and storing information

How does memory work?

News Time The study of human memory has been the subject of science and philosophy for thousands of years and has become one of the major topics of interest in cognitive, cognitive, ... Continue Reading →
The US budget deficit will surpass one trillion dollars in 2020

U.S. budget deficit will exceed to pass $ one trillion dollars: Congressional Office Report

Washington ۔ News Time The implications of Trump’s decisions are clear on the US economy. The US budget deficit will exceed one trillion dollars in 2020, before the US economy ... Continue Reading →
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmud Abbas’s decision to refer the UN in 15 days after Trump’s announcement

Jerusalem … News Time Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has decided to return to the UN Security Council within two weeks following US President Donald Trump’s announcement ... Continue Reading →
200 Japanese nationals who evacuated from China to Japan arrived at Tokyo's Haneda airport on Wednesday morning

Symptoms of the coronavirus among Japanese nationals evacuated from China

Tokyo … News Time 200 Japanese nationals who have escaped from China to Japan arrived at Haneda airport in Tokyo on Wednesday morning. Many of them have symptoms such as cough ... Continue Reading →
Palestinians protests against Trump's Middle East peace plan

Palestinian nation’s long-term rights abolished in US peace plan: Arab League

Cairo … News Time The Arab League says Palestinian rights have been violated in a peace plan announced by US President Donald Trump on Tuesday. Arab League Secretary General ... Continue Reading →
Pentagon says the number of wounded soldiers has dropped to 50 after Iran launched a missile at US bases in Iraq on January 8.

The number of US troops injured in Iranian attack has raising the total to 50

Pentagon … News Time The US Department of Defense says the number of US troops infected with traumatic brain injuries has now increased to 50 after Iran launched a missile at ... Continue Reading →
The satellites are 560 miles (901) kilometers above the US state of Pittsburgh.

The Satellites are risk of collision in orbit of the earth over the U.S

New York, Tehran … News Time Astronomical tracking agency Leo Labs warned that two satellites in orbit above Earth could collide with each other this week. These satellites are ... Continue Reading →