In the great kingdom of Rome, slavery was in its worst shape, and Ghulam did not get human status

Introduction of Humanity with ancient Roman

News time This is the story of the second century AD. There was a slave called “Androcles” in the great kingdom of Rome. Its master, a Roman ambassador to Rome, was administered ... Continue Reading →
25 years old Maria Frances Lauterbach

In the 2017 report of US Department of Defense, 6182 cases file of sexual abusive in US military

News time 25 years old Maria Frances Lauterbach, was employed in the US military. It was deployed on Marine Base of North Carolina, from where he disappeared on December 14, 2007. ... Continue Reading →
China's President Xi

China’s President Xi Jinping world’s most powerful leader

Beijing … News Time China’s President Xi Jinping not only became China’s most powerful leader but also the world. China’s Communist Party’s 19th National ... Continue Reading →
Finance Minister Ishaq Dar

Assets reference case: Bailable arrest warrants issued for Ishaq Dar

Islamabad … News Time Islamabad’s Accountability Court rejected the request for exemption from the presence of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in the asset references and issued ... Continue Reading →
Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Chief of Army Staff, Qamar Bajwa and US Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson

Under U.S. Pressure, will not action for Afghan Taliban or Haqqani network: Pakistan’s political and military leadership

Karachi … News Time Pakistan’s political and military leadership has determined that under the pressure of the Afghan Taliban or the Haqqani network will not be made an ... Continue Reading →
Israel's 130 companies ban on Jordanian settlement in West Jordan

The U N decided to take action against Israel

New York … News Time The United Nations Human Rights Council has announced to ban 130 companies of Israel on building Jordanian settlement in West Jordan, Construction of settlements ... Continue Reading →
ranian President Hassan Rouhani

All types of weapons will be made for defense: Iranian President

Tehran … News Time Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said that his country will continue preparing missiles despite global pressures. He said Iran’s missile program ... Continue Reading →
The illegal pilgrims will be face a 10-year ban

The illegal pilgrims will be face a 10-year ban

Riyadh … News Time The Saudi Department’s Passport has warned that illegal listings will be blacklisted after 10 years of fingerprints. Saudi Arabia will not be allowed ... Continue Reading →
During the last 4 years (2012-16), 57 countries worldwide sold weapons to 155 countries

America’s top selling arms and India first largest arms buyer

Washington … News Time Weekly October 31, October is celebrated weekly weapons, but despite all efforts, neither could the production of weapons be stopped. Nor could any measures ... Continue Reading →
US Vice President Mike Pence and North Korea Chief Kim Jong-un

US troops directs on North Korea to be ready: US Vice President Mike Pence

Washington … News Time US Vice President Mike Pence said we are ready to defend our country every moment. He wanted to tell the enemy that if the US and its allies were forced ... Continue Reading →