Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

What will be the path of Nawaz Sharif if his passport is canceled?

News Time According to Pakistani lawyers who specialize in immigration law in the UK, Nawaz Sharif can stay legally in the UK even if the Pakistani government cancels his passport ... Continue Reading →
One is the Gregorian calendar, also called the AD calendar, and the other is the Hijri calendar, which is also called the Islamic calendar.

Calendar story: When ten days disappeared from people’s lives

News Time Take the old calendar off the wall and put the New Year’s calendar. It was good to download the calendar, but now I don’t even remember when the last time the ... Continue Reading →
Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan

Prime Minister of Pakistan should not worry about the institution but the people

News Time What is the situation of inflation in the country, what kind of movement is rising in Balochistan, why the allies are crying one by one, what kind of unrest is arising in ... Continue Reading →
The agreement was signed by Turkish Trade Minister Rushar Pekcan and British Ambassador to Turkey Dominick Chilcott.

The after Brexit trade agreement was signed between Britain and Turkey

Ankara … News Time As Britain prepares to leave the EU’s economic orbit at the start of the New Year, it has signed a free trade agreement with Turkey. According to the newspaper, ... Continue Reading →
Morocco recently announced the establishment of relations with Israel

Moroccan government’s decision on relations with Israel challenged in court

Rabat … News Time A group of Moroccan lawyers has recently challenged the government’s decision to recognize Israel and establish relations with the Zionist state in the country’s ... Continue Reading →
Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli spy

Former Israeli spy released in US

Washington … News Time Former US Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard, who spent 30 years in prison for spying for Israel in the United States, has received a warm welcome in Israel. ... Continue Reading →
Citizen’s protest in the capital after Nepal's parliament was dissolved

Nepal: People take to the streets against the dissolution of parliament

Kathmandu … News Time Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Nepal to protest the dissolution of parliament. After the ruling Communist Party split into two factions, ... Continue Reading →
Riyadh is the largest buyer of US weapons due to tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia

US will sell 3,000 bombs worth $ 290 billion to Riyadh

Washington … News Time The Pentagon has announced that it has approved the sale of about 3,000 sophisticated bombs to Saudi Arabia following the approval of the US State Department. ... Continue Reading →
Snowfall in coastal areas along the Sea of Japan in northern and eastern Japan is likely to continue until the end of the week.

Japan: Citizens warned of heavy snow and strong winds

Tokyo … News Time Japan’s Meteorological Agency has warned people in large areas to be wary of heavy snow and blizzards on New Year’s Eve. Officials say the strong volume ... Continue Reading →
The death toll from the attack on the plane of the prime minister and cabinet members has risen to 22

22 killed in attack on PM’s plane at Yemen airport

Aden … News Time At least 22 people have been killed and dozens injured in an attack on a plane carrying Yemen’s prime minister and cabinet members at Yemen’s international ... Continue Reading →