Former ISI chief Asad Durrani and ex-RAW chief AS Dulat

Former ISI chief Asad Durrani launched an investigation into the Indian contacts

Rawalpindi … News time Asad Durrani, former ISI chief head Lt Gen (R) Asad Durrani, was banned from leaving his country, named ECL. Earlier, the controversial book published ... Continue Reading →
According to observers, Israel has achieved superiority on the basis of weapons and innovative technology

Iran vs Israel – Military Power Comparison

News Time In the case of war, whose flame will be heavy in both the rival countries? In the year 1979, in the Islamic Revolution which is spreading in Iran, Iran’s slogan for ... Continue Reading →
Punjab stands on the basis of a major change and the 2018 election results may be surprising

The 2018 election will be like in 1970?

Dr. Manzoor Ejaz News Time Integration with FATA Pakistan approved about resolutions and done on it analyze us in the late Dr. Feroz Ahmed missed a lot because now Pakistan’s ... Continue Reading →
US President Donald Trump and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo

US and Japan demands to destroy stockpiles of weapons from North Korea

Washington … News Time The US and Japan have emphasized North Korea as well as to eliminate nuclear weapons and missile programs, besides nuclear program. According to the International ... Continue Reading →
Foreign workers and students wishing to learn Japanese language

Drafting law to provide foreigners the opportunity to learn Japanese language

Tokyo … News Time A group of Japanese lawmakers on non-governmental basis is trying to create more opportunities for foreigners seeking Japanese language. These legislators have ... Continue Reading →
Expert Economist Carlo Cottarelli nomination Caretaker as caretaker Prime Minister

Italy: Expert Economist Carlo Cottarelli nomination Caretaker as caretaker Prime Minister, Elections will resume

Rome … News time The political crisis continued in Italy, President Sergio Mattarella named Caretaker Prime Minister to expert economist Carlo Cottarelli; general elections will ... Continue Reading →
US CIA chief Gina Haspel

A criminal Gina Haspel became the CIA Chief

News Time One of my teachers says, if you meet an American or European person, you will get it individually. Will be happy and man will talk about friendship. But when the matter of ... Continue Reading →
Battle of Okinawa, USA and Japan

Battle of Okinawa, USA and Japan

News Time  Okinawa is a Japanese island that is situated in the distance of several hundred kilometers from central Japan. During the Second World War, America wanted to build its ... Continue Reading →
The Football World Cup will be played from 14, June to 15 July, in Russia

Football World Cup 2018: Which country will play and whi out of World Cup

News Time The Football World Cup will be played from 14, June to 15 July, in Russia. In the qualifying round of the tournament, Germany’s champion champion was the winner in ... Continue Reading →
In 2017 there were 822 sectarian riots in which 111 people were killed and 2,384 injured

Not saved any minority, including Muslims in India: US report on religious freedom

New York … News Time The annual report on the religious freedom of America brought the real face of secular India to the world. No religious minorities, including Muslims, are ... Continue Reading →