Construction of the Three Gorges Dam on Yangtze River began in 1994

US tried to design the dam make controversial in China

Karachi … News Time Why has the opposition started dying around the world for the last few decades and who is behind it? The answer to these questions is the story of the world’s ... Continue Reading →
Talks between IMF delegation and Pakistani economic team

Government activist to take the Bailout package from IMF

Islamabad … News Time The government was active to take a bailout package from the World Financial Organization (IMF). Electricity and gas prices have increased in the mini budget ... Continue Reading →
These war-rider Mongolian warriors depart from Central Asia in the 13th century and began to establish their empire in Euro Asia.

Mongolia: nearly 40 million people’s Killer

News Time  The Mongolian nation war is considered central in Central Asia. They intend to capture different parts of Europe and Asia. These riders’ fighters turned from Central ... Continue Reading →
Typhoons Trami will move to Japan's island Miyakojima, with a speed of 13 kms per hour.

Typhoon ‘Trami’ runs from Taiwan towards Japan’s Miyakojima Island

Taipei … News Time Typhoon “Trami” will advance to Japan from east east of Japan, while the storm caused moisture rains in northern Taiwan. Taipei, New Taipei and ... Continue Reading →
Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's Nobel Peaceman Canada's honorary citizenship 6 was a global personality

Rohingya Muslim genocide, canceled the Canadian citizenship of Aung San Suu Kyi

Ottawa … News Time Canada’s parliament has kept Rohingya Muslims silent on racism and war crimes Myanmar Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi voted right to terminate the honorable ... Continue Reading →
Nawaz and Maryam decided come back to the scene before the supplementary election

Nawaz and Maryam decided come back to the scene before the supplementary election

News Time Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz have decided to come to the scene before the supplementary election. So that the voters are mobilized at least Lahore seats can be won. It is ... Continue Reading →
7.5 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia

At least 30 people dead after 7.5 magnitude earthquakes and tsunami in Indonesia

Jakarta … News Time Indonesia’s Sulawesi earthquake destroyed severe clashes and aftershock after the destruction of tsunami in the high waves of tsunami. Due to which ... Continue Reading →
NAB submits details of Ishaq Dar's seized the property in accountability court

NAB submits details of Ishaq Dar’s seized the property in accountability court

Islamabad … News Time The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should submit details of the property’s property treasury Ishaq Dar on the directive of the court. According ... Continue Reading →
IQRA Internation School in Tokyo

Establish school for Islamic education in Japan: Special report

News Time Japan is one of the non-Muslim countries, where children are universally educated however; lack of religious education has always been felt. Seeing the same situation, Bangladesh ... Continue Reading →
Nepal's growing proximity to China has strengthened Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India will play “Hindu Card” Nepal’s anger to remove

Karachi … News Time Indian analysts revealed that the growing proximity to Nepal’s China has strengthened Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So now they have decided to play ... Continue Reading →