Retired US basketball player Dennis Rodman and head of North Korea Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced marry his sister retired American basketball Dennis Rodman

Pyongyang … News Time American Basketball Association (NBA) retired 55-year-old Dennis Rodman announced North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un married 29-year-old sister. Kim Jong ... Continue Reading →
 Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammad Badie

Egypt: Life imprisonment up to 36 workers, including Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammad Badie

Cairo … News Time A court in Egypt has sentenced 36 people sentenced to life imprisonment, including Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammad Badie. Ismailia tragedy known case to the ... Continue Reading →
Palestinian refugee shelter set up for the welfare of the Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) camps

UN Relief Agency closed its offices in the northern West Bank  

Nablus … News Time The Relief and Works Agency set up for the welfare of Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) Indefinitely in all the cities of the West Bank until the Palestinians ... Continue Reading →
Aristotle's tomb discovered during excavation in Greece

Aristotle’s tomb discovered during excavation in Greece

ATHENS … News Time Medicine, biology, physics, linguistics and dozens of scientific studies, including philosophy Great Greek, philosopher Aristotle tomb 2500 years later discovered ... Continue Reading →
Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese’s People withdraw from religious: Chinese president’s warning   

Beijing … News Time If Pakistan is China’s long and devoted friend, but his ideas about religion and policy in Pakistan is going to be very unhappy. After imposing such ... Continue Reading →
UN chief Ban Ki-moon

South Korea does not intend to become president: Ban Ki-moon

New York … News Time UN chief Ban Ki-moon has also lie reject speculation that they are preparing to become the next president of South Korea. Ban said his recent visit to South ... Continue Reading →
 Afghan Taliban chief Haibatullah Akhunzada

Cheating peace, be stepped up attacks on coalition forces: Afghan Taliban chief Haibatullah Akhunzada

Kabul … News Time Afghan Taliban newly elected chief Haibatullah Akhunzada ordered to accelerate the attacks on coalition forces, calling betrayed the peace negotiations. TV’s ... Continue Reading →
 Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda

Help, a last chance: Japanese journalist Jumpei Yasuda

Tokyo … News Time A fresh image of Japanese journalist missing in Syria last year has been published online. In this picture the journalist and he has grown a beard, holding ... Continue Reading →
In classes must use sunlight

Sun rays harmful to eyesight

WASHINGTON … News Time A common thing, but it’s weak to pose a problem for most people with aging make it much worse. Yes, be very vulnerable to the sun’s rays can cause ... Continue Reading →
Yesterday, Maria Teresa Rivera was released after 5 years in prison

40 years in prison for abortion   

Salvadoran … News Time Women abortion is a crime in many countries, even though pregnancy may be associated with the woman and other people involved. The Central American country ... Continue Reading →