Trailer of first Pakistani horror film “PARI” released

First Pakistani horror film "PARI"

First Pakistani horror film “PARI”

Karachi … News Time

The horror and terror-filled Pakistan horror movie “PARI” trailer has gained attention from fans. Films spreading fear and terror around the world are liked, while large numbers of people turn towards the cinemas to see terrible and dramatic movies. In India, the trailer of its first horror movie “PARI” has been released. The movie trailer is full of fear and terror which has received fans’ attention as a release while the number of people has seen it is inevitable; it is also being sent to the people. The Pakistan Cinema Industry has been a number of achievements in recent years, and the quality of Pakistani films has improved very well for some years. Now, with the budget of Pakistani films becoming more, the filmmakers are doing various experiences here, which are being liked by fans and film analysts. The movie “PARI” is also a pleasant addition to the Pakistani film industry. “PARI” is the first film of the director Syed Atif Ali, while the trailer is clearly evident that he has worked hard in the film. Film talks and actors are living. Most new faces have been introduced in the film; however, the famous actor of Pakistan, Qavi Khan, is also involved in the film. Other cast of the film include Khushi Maheen, Rasheed Naz, Saleem Miraj, A Azekah Daniel, Junaid Akhtar and Faiq Asim. The story of the film Syed Atif Ali and Mohammad Ahsan have been created together, Mobeen Mahmood is the executive producer of the film, while the music of Masood Alam has given the film. Fear and terror film “PARI” will be released on February 2.


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