Hitler Modi government continues atrocities on Muslims under Hindutva ideology

In India, Muslims are being mistreated under the guise of this virus

In India, Muslims are being mistreated under the guise of this virus

New Delhi … News Time

In India, Hitler Modi’s government continues to persecute Muslims under the Hindutva ideology. The Modi government has blamed Muslims for the coronavirus. The Indian media is spreading anti-Muslim propaganda and attacking them on religious grounds. In India, Muslim patients infected with the virus are being treated like criminals. The whole world is infected with the coronavirus, but in India, Muslims are being mistreated under the guise of the virus. Genocide of Muslims continues in India. Muslims in India imprisoned in Hindutva are being harassed.

Jamia Millia Jamia Millia New Delhi research scholar Safoora Zargar was inhumanely jailed despite being pregnant for simply protesting the Modi government’s controversial citizenship bill. Indian Muslims are being falsely accused of spreading coronavirus.

Hate and violence against Muslims is on the rise, but Hitler has remained silent on Modi and has never once addressed the nation on atrocities against Muslims. The coronavirus has exposed the ugly face of Indians. Muslims have been so discriminated against that the world is criticizing them. Muslims have become sick, guilty. Nothing is being bought from Muslim shopkeepers. The Indian media is fanning the flames. Hatred is also being spread against madrassas.

The baseless accusers of spreading coronavirus to the Tablighi Jamaat forget that a temple in Britain was closed because most of the cases of coronavirus came from there. The circle around Modi is getting narrower. In the United Arab Emirates, RSS-minded Indians are being arrested for making anti-Islamic statements Kuwait, meanwhile, has strongly criticized the escalating violence against Indian Muslims and has staged protests.


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