Meghan Markle, wife of British Prince Harry

Meghan Markle begins lawsuit against British newspaper             

London … News Time The lawsuit filed by Meghan Markle, the wife of the late British Prince Harry, has begun. The Duchess of Sussex and former actress Meghan Markle, 33, filed a ... Continue Reading →
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Where is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un?

Seoul … News Time South Korean officials have called for caution in reporting on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s health. North Korean leaders are said to be possibly ill ... Continue Reading →
US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and US President Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi endorses Joe Biden as US presidential candidate

Washington … News Time U.S House Speaker and senior Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi has endorsed Joe Biden as the next presidential candidate against Donald Trump. According to ... Continue Reading →
Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne

Australia rejects China’s ‘economic coercion’ threat over coronavirus investigation

Sydney … News Time Australia has vowed to continue its investigation into the coronavirus despite China’s opposition, warning of economic repression. According to a report ... Continue Reading →
Insurgents in the south also declared independence

Yemen: Insurgents in the south have also declared independence

Sana’a … News Time The crisis has become more serious for the Yemeni government, where in the south of the country after the Houthi rebels, the rebels announced the end of ... Continue Reading →
The latest death toll from Corona exceeds 211,960, according to the latest figures

Coronavirus death toll continues to rise globally

News Time Coronavirus death toll continues to rise globally. The latest death toll from Corona exceeds 211,960, according to the latest figures. The number of people infected with ... Continue Reading →
According to the International Monetary Fund, the economies of all Gulf Arab oil-exporting countries will shrink this year.

Mideast economies take massive hit with oil price crash

Baghdad … News Time Iraq plans to reduce social benefits for millions of government employees, while major projects in Saudi Arabia are likely to be delayed Egypt and Lebanon are ... Continue Reading →
Netanyahu and Benny Gentz will take turns prime ministers and form their own cabinet.

Netanyahu and Benny Gentz approve power sharing formula

Tel Aviv … News Time According to Israeli Hebrew media, the Knesset (Parliament) has approved the power-sharing formula agreed between Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue ... Continue Reading →
Special Assistant Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan

The Prime Minister removed Special Assistant Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan from office

Islamabad … News Time Prime Minister Imran Khan has removed Special Assistant for Information Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan from his post, replacing Senator Shibli Faraz as Minister ... Continue Reading →
Baba Vanga predicted that Europe would be plunged into a severe economic crisis and recession in 2020

Baba Vanga’s prediction is correct for the year 2020

News Time Many of the current predictions of the Bulgarian astrologer Baba Vanga have come true, including Britain’s secession from the European Union, the 9/11 tragedy and others. ... Continue Reading →