Bangladesh left hungry and thirsty Rohingyas to die

Bangladesh blocks Rohingya Muslims from migrating from Myanmar

Bangladesh blocks Rohingya Muslims from migrating from Myanmar

Dhaka … News Time

Bangladesh blocked the arrival of Rohingya Muslims migrating from Myanmar. According to news agencies, Bangladeshi Foreign Minister A K Abdul Momen has announced that he will no longer allow any Rohingya refugee to enter the country. He said that Bangladesh has always been asked to accept the responsibility of other countries. He said that Bangladeshi citizens from all over the world are returning home due to coronavirus. In this situation, we have no place to provide shelter to foreigners or refugees. According to local media, one million Rohingya have fled persecution in Myanmar and are living in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

On the other hand, the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch has said that Bangladesh is facing a heavy burden as a result of the brutal crimes of the Myanmar army. But that doesn’t mean the Dhaka government will let the refugees in boats die at sea. Brad Adams, Human Rights Watch’s director for Asia, said Bangladeshi Prime Minister Hasina Wajid calls herself the “mother of humanity” for providing shelter and protection to the Rohingya. And now that the whole world is moving forward with the coronavirus and serving humanity, the Dhaka government is turning its back on the Rohingya refugees. He called on the international community to put pressure on Bangladesh in this regard.


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