150 million Jews, over heavy 1.5 billion Muslims

There are only half a million Hindus, compared to one and a half billion Muslims in the world. (Photo file)

There are only half a million Hindus, compared to one and a half billion Muslims in the world. (Photo file)

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There are about 57 Muslim-majority countries in the world, which are linked together as one chain. The borders of Islamic countries are interconnected in South Asia, from Pakistan to Turkey on the border of Asia and Europe, and from the Arab countries of the Middle East to the Muslim-majority countries of North Africa. The total number of Muslims in the world is more than one and a half billion, the majority of which are settled in South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Thus Muslim countries can emerge as a great power, but the condition is that they should be united and united and forms a system of government according to the golden principles of Islam.

Most Muslim countries are rich in oil. The number of oil producing countries globally is 20, of which 12 are Islamic countries. Given the wealth of oil in Muslim countries, this article became famous that where there is a Muslim, there is oil. The number of Jews is very small compared to the Muslims. The total number of Jews in the world is 14 million, of which more than 60 million Jews live in Israel, while the rest of the Jews live in different countries around the world. This number is about one percent of the number of Muslims, ie 99 percent more than the number of Jews in the Muslim population. Israel, the only Jewish state in the world, has also been angered by the Palestinians.

Israel’s small illegitimate state is surrounded by Muslim countries, and non-Muslim states are at a distance. If Muslims have faith in their faith and unite with their religion, then they should swallow Israel in one go. But the contrary here is that little Israel, which is surrounded by Muslim countries, is scaring them instead of fearing Muslim countries. What is the problem of Muslim countries, it is the Muslim countries that are making a vow and are swallowing them up a little. Palestine has been completely swallowed up, now it is moving slowly. Their goal is Mecca and Medina, which they will never reach. (Insha’Allah), but they are delighted to try to meet that goal. Without knowing how many Muslim states will suffer and Muslims will suffer many more? The heart of Palestine shows heartache and fears that if Muslim countries likewise close their eyes and indulges in their own world so it will destroy all the countries one day and destroys them like Palestine and will not let anyone feel.

How such courage was born in Israel and so powerful even when Jewish was so scarce? They say that Israel is such a despicable state that even if two and a half billion Muslims spit on it; it would flow into their spit. Besides, Israel is a Jewish state, so obviously there is no such thing as faith which is why it has to be said that they are so powerful by the power of faith despite the lack of numbers. The real reason for their power is that they are sincere with their people. They cheat, deceive the whole world, but they take care of their nation’s relief in every way. They always work hard to bring their ideas to fruition and work hard for it.

The second reason that gives them strength is the backing of world powers. The United States, the United Kingdom, ranks first in Israel’s backing. For their own interests, they established an illegitimate state, such as Israel, in the middle of the Muslim world, with the aim of maintaining their control over the Muslim world. If these states were to withdraw from Israel’s backbone today, Israel would be nothing. But it is the compulsion of these big countries to help. His compulsion has filled the Jews with arrogance. Now they rarely accept their demands. Most work for their benefit and satisfy their demands from these countries. In recent days, Trump has made a cruel attempt to completely hand over Palestine in the name of the Deal of the Century to Israel. It is also the result of the Jews’ conspiracy that they took advantage of Trump’s foolishness and made such a declaration in his favor. Because of the backing of these world powers, Jews are known to be so powerful, even though they are in small numbers.

Unlike the Jews, the Muslims are as if they were destined for their own destruction. Muslims are working hard to destroy them. There is a huge gap between the ruling class and the scholars. Accepting the words of the scholars, Muslim rulers have forbidden themselves. Everyone seeks to fulfill their interests and increase their wealth. No matter how many big deals Islam has to deal with enemies. They have nothing to do with their people and their religion. His wealth is reserved as a thirst for his own blood. From which they profit and plot against them. All Muslim countries are unaware of the unity and coincidence. Instead of becoming a strong nation, taking advantage of their manpower and superior geographical proximity, the Seven Seaside is thinking of friends with their own enemies. Because of this, we are being humiliated in this world and our enemies are attacking us more and more. If we still do not take lessons from our history covering at least the last century, then the future will prove to be very difficult for the Muslims.


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