The International Olympic Committee   postpones 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games          

Olympic Games in Japan likely to be held in 2021

Olympic Games in Japan likely to be held in 2021

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Olympic Games 2020 postponed, Olympic Games likely to be held in Japan due to Coronavirus concerns 2021 according to details, the International Olympic Committee has announced to postpone the scheduled Olympics 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. The International Olympic Committee says most countries were reluctant to participate in the Olympic Games following the outbreak of the Corona virus, so it was decided to postpone the Games. It has been said that a new date for the Tokyo Olympic Games has not been decided yet, but it is likely that the Games will be held in 2021. It should be noted that the Tokyo Olympics were to be held in Japan from July 24 to August 9 this year, for which large-scale arrangements were being made in Japan. However, where other sports events were canceled or postponed due to the universal epidemic, the Tokyo Olympics had to be postponed.

Canada decides not to send its players to Tokyo for the Olympics 2020, calling for a year’s suspension, according to a foreign news agency Australia also announced the withdrawal of the Olympics 2020 after Canada. In all this, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also gave a clear indication that postponing the Tokyo Olympics may be inevitable. US President Donald Trump has also proposed to postpone the Tokyo Olympics amid concerns over the Coronavirus. It is understood that due to the Coronavirus, several open events have been canceled so far including the Pakistan Super League, IPL, Test series between England and Sri Lanka, ODI series between Australia and New Zealand. Now the Olympic Games, the world’s largest sporting event, have been postponed due to the Coronavirus.


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