Yemeni Shiite rebels attack on the Saudi-led Arab countries, 25 killed

Shiite rebels in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, led by Air Force attacked 10 countries

Shiite rebels in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, led by Air Force attacked 10 countries

Riyadh, Washington … News Time

Led Shia rebels in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, 10 countries have begun to air attack. According to foreign news agency, led by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Morocco 10 countries including Yemen’s air force began operations against the rebels. Wednesday 25 rebels were killed and 40 wounded in action. Eden warplanes bombed rebel-held 6 were destroyed. The rebels under the control of government forces recaptured Aden International Airport is on. According to Arab media during the operation in Yemen to Saudi Air Force jets destroyed the rebels are numerous. Saudi Arabia TV reported that the action against the rebels in the Gulf coalition troops, 100 combat aircraft and a half million announced. During a news conference in Washington, the Saudi ambassador to the US military said Adel aljbyr Yemen at the request of President Hadi has launched military operations against tribesmen. Air power is being used in military and other Gulf States, including support. Saudi Ambassador to Yemen, the legal regime of President Mansour Hadi has taken this step to save. The Egypt and Sudan to take part in the action against the rebels declared. Egypt’s foreign minister says the necessary action against the rebels from Egypt to the land, air and sea support will be provided. According to reports on the outskirts of the city of Aden, security forces clashed with supporters of President Hadi tribesmen are getting. 60 kms to the airport from the city of Aden last week, the US and Western military experts were recalled.


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