Without Senate’s permission, to go to war with Iran, US. Sen. Rand Paul

United States Senior Republican Senator Rand Paul

United States Senior Republican Senator Rand Paul

Washington … News Time

US President Barack Obama has warned that American President Donald Trump can not fight Iran without the permission of the Congress. Kentucky lawmaker insisted directly to State Secretary Mike Pompeo at the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations to assure the panel that the administration is not planning to attack Iran. Senator Rand Paul asked him if he believed that military force could also be used in Iran to eliminate terrorism’s threats in 2001. Mike Pompeo avoided direct reply and said that there was no doubt there was a connection between the Iranian government and al-Qaeda, which took place and planned on September 11, 2001. Senator Rand Paul said that the administration could not clearly say that you were not authorized, I can clearly tell you that Congress has not been permitted to fight Iran. He said that you have to come back and ask us before going to Iran, I am not discussing that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are terrorists, my position is that you do not have Congress permission for the war against Iran.

The US Senator Rand Paul said that only Congress is the author of the war against Iran, if you want to fight Iran, you will have to come, this method is written in the Constitution and it needs to be further clarified. Senator Rand Paul said that this is an important question and a clear question, only Congress can announce war, you are not allowed to fight Iran.

After the President of the American Revolutionary Guard Corps called the US President Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, they were present to respond to doubts before the Foreign Relations Committee whether Washington could take military action against Tehran. It was believed that on April 8, US President Donald Trump called Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) terrorist organization. The Donald Trump said that this ideal move recognizes the fact that only Iran is not promoting terrorism. Rather, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is playing an active role in the promotion of terrorism as the State Tool. After this announcement, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo warned all the banks and businessmen about the results of the relationship with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.


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