US Muslims Facebook group of Social Media Account: This account was running a secret organization of Russia

US Muslims Facebook group of Social Media Account

US Muslims Facebook group of Social Media Account

Washington … News Time

Last year, the social media account, which was named as a Muslim organization, was kept stirring before the US election. Everyone was about to understand this Facebook group, who made an uproar in the entire United States by making a highly controversy claim that it has set up an organization of American Muslims, But now it is amazing that it does not have a far-reaching relationship with any Muslim, but it was playing a secret organization of Russia. According to the Daily Bast, there are 268,000 followers of the United Muslim American group. This group was claimed before the US election last year the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton provided funds and weapons to make al-Qaeda and ISIL. Similarly, Senator John McCain’s role in making ISIL’s role in Osama bin Laden’s American secret agency’s relationship with the CIA came to the same group as well. Researchers say that religious groups were often positively posed on this group but occasionally false news was posted between these messages. This group apparently imposed an impression of Hillary Clinton’s support, but in fact he published false news that went against Hillary Clinton. He also had an account on Twitter, while there were 71 thousand followers on Instagram. US agencies are continuing further investigations of this matter.


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