Nuclear deal with Iran called for the dismissal of all restrictions      

Nuclear treaty entered the final stage in the Swiss city of Lausanne

Nuclear treaty entered the final stage in the Swiss city of Lausanne

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Iran’s foreign minister said the nuclear agreement all restrictions imposed against it is stipulated to dismiss, which begins this week in talks with world powers on Iran on the condition that no compromise signs are not reaching cake. The official IRNA news agency quoted Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is our position that the government is pushing from the beginning. UN, US and EU efforts to stop Iran’s nuclear program, as widely feared that these restrictions were imposed thran wants to develop nuclear weapons. It is emphasized that Iran’s nuclear program is intended for peaceful purposes is put into practice. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a speech last week as part of any nuclear transaction must be removed immediately limits. Western officials have been consistently rejected this demand. Senior EU negotiator said last week that immediately remove all restrictions is not out of the question. Senate majority leader Mitch Mcconnell party negotiator, said the world by the end of this month failed to deal with Iran until the time when the US Senate to tighten restrictions on Iran offered Bill will vote on. Meanwhile French nuclear Iran and six world powers on transaction between the lacks of significant progress have warned. Iran’s restrictions on UN secretary, speaking at the Council of France François Delattre Ambassador to the United Nations said Iran wants to regain the confidence of the international community mynnrmy make their behavior. Addressing the UN Security Council, Britain’s deputy UN ambassador Peter Wilson said Iran would need to be flexible stance. When the execution of the contract in the coming days there will be some tough decisions. Meanwhile, China’s foreign minister telephoned his Iranian counterpart in Beijing, said that the current situation with Iran’s nuclear transaction is required. And it is the wish of the people. China also suggest such an agreement with Iran, world powers once again encouraged to reach. He Iran nuclear talks have reached the final stage of the long distance.


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