Germany, Europe’s stability has become a pillar for: Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Berlin — News Time

German Chancellor Angela Merkel outlined in his State of the Nation Address to Parliament largely focused on domestic issues he discussed some international issues. Speaking in Parliament yesterday, German Chancellor his new wide the coalition government has highlighted a number of key policy issues. spoke briefly at the beginning, he said while commenting on the situation in Ukraine in Kiev German Embassy and the German Foreign Ministry in both CEC crisis are keeping an eye on. Speech German chancellor’s conservative Christian Democrats, which highlighted the importance of social justice demands a very unusual thing. Merkel spoke mostly on the domestic economy. Third time the veteran politician elected Chancellor of Germany the Germans stand up to the financial crisis and now the country has become an example for Europe. Merkel said Germany in this particular situation, has become a pillar of stability in Europe, the Berlin government crisis situation. Broad coalition of Germany Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party (SPD) coalition Social Democratic party (SPD), a political campaign slogan was to determine minimum wages. Both in the context of parties by 2015, the hourly minimum wage of 8.50 euros agreed to have. German government renewable energy sources to supplement new projects announced. Then the German chancellor, said the SPD a powerful coalition of the SPD and the way that large projects can be realized. Merkel said during his speech that actually broader coalition is an alliance of major tasks to perform. Their speech after the parliamentary leader of the opposition party links Chancellor Merkel’s speech rejected the next policy that many points away from the real world. They U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) by the European public and Angela Merkel’s spying on the government response Berlin also subjected to severe criticism. However, Angela Merkel said that partnership with America is in the mutual interest of both countries.


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