Chinese robot after seeing Miss Jia Jia, Your idea will become completely changed

 Chinese robot  Jia Jia

Chinese robot Jia Jia

Beijing … News Time

Hear the word robot is a growing perception in the mind machineMiss Jia Jia Chinese robot, but after seeing your idea will become totally different. Stay tuned for the upcoming 2016 Summer Davos Forum held in Tianjin city with an amazing view it was fair for the first time. This is an extremely charming Chinese girl look, whose face, hair look, as well as living human gestures and even facial expressions, but it really is a robot. Most people come to the festival, said Jia Jia called lovelier than the actual models and actors. Jia Jia to understand sign language and spoken words can also take it to some extent, she understood very well, especially if you say the words in praise of her beauty. It’s also a little proud, especially when going to appreciateif they see any expressions of pride gushing from his face like Beautiful woman. The first robot to perform various kinds of work have been put into scenebut first came a robot that looks like a Beautiful woman 100 percent.


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