An excited and brave black Rebecca Lee Crumpler

 Rebecca Lee Crumpler is the first black woman to have a reputation as a Physician and Doctor of Medicine in the United States.

Rebecca Lee Crumpler is the first black woman to have a reputation as a Physician and Doctor of Medicine in the United States.

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It is the story of an enthusiastic, brave and woman who made her way across the obstacles and obstacles in her society. His name is Rebecca Lee Crumpler, who has earned a reputation as a forward based on his abilities and abilities. This is a period when discrimination was based on race and gender in America. White skinned black people were probably not human. They were humiliated and treated the worst. The woman was devoid of honor and dignity. He faced various sanctions.

Rebecca Lee Crumpler is best known as the first black woman to have earned a reputation as a Physician and Doctor of Medicine in the United States. Their ancestors belonged to Africa, who made America permanent after emigration. On February 8, 1831, Krampler opened his eyes to the world. His childhood was spent in his grandmother’s home in Pennsylvania, caring for her inferior and underpowered neighbors, and becoming a doctor famous in her community. Rebecca was very impressed with them. Seeing them gave birth to a desire to become a doctor, but fulfilling that desire for a woman and a black man in that era was a difficult task. Racial discrimination was at its peak in the United States, but Rebecca proved that even a human wall could not stand before human determination. He described his dream as a shame, facing all the troubles and troubles. When the education system started, they were counted worthy of their schooling.

After elementary education, she moved to Massachusetts in 1852 and continued to serve as a nurse there. Along with this, his efforts to gain admission to New England Medical College continued. In 1860, these efforts succeeded. It was a time when black women, even black men, hesitated to express their desire to attend medical college. In 1860 there was no black American woman in medical college and that was why the college administration was reluctant to request a blanket, but on the basis of his duty as a nurse, his dedication, dedication and affection from patients, he was recommended by some doctors, which was given importance. In this field, Rebecca embraced her abilities and abilities and was awarded the Doctor of Medicine Certificate and Speech in 1864 for her successful examination. Thus, she became the first black woman to graduate in the United States in medicine and began practicing as a physician.

During her practice in Boston, she continued to treat poor children and helpless women with a big heart. She moved to Virginia after the Civil War in the United States. He also started treating children and women with the health and treatment of free slaves who were reluctant to go to a white physician. But their journey was not easy. During his practice in the medical field, he suffered racism and prejudice. Their being a woman, and especially black, became as abusive to them. Doctors ignore them, senior physicians disregard them, and pharmacists do not value their medical prescriptions. She returned to Boston with a heartfelt resume, where she began practice with renewed vigor. She also offers free treatment at her home in Boston.

His first book came out in the market in 1883 and thus became the first physician writer of the 19th century. His book was about the health and care of children and women. In addition, the book included his experiences and observations in the medical world. This energetic and highly educated woman of her time left the world on May 24, 1865.


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