Active re- election protesters in Thailand

Thai protesters on the streets again

Thai protesters on the streets again

Bangkok — News Time

Thai opposition protestors held Sunday before the election to put pressure on the government once again took to the streets. Previous months in the hands of protesters, still holds the national flag on the streets of Bangkok, the capital, and Prime Prime Minister Yingluck are repeating calls to resign. Protesters before elections are held early polling disrupt the February general elections, expressed reservations about the being. Leader sythup Thai protesters gsu Ban said, calling on the boycott of the election, but shall not interfere in pro vote. February that he wants to reform the country please joins us so that they could be shown that we want reforms. They emphasized that people do not vote now. Protesters are saying that they want reforms before elections, while Yingluck insists political instability is the only legitimate way to combat election. Fears of violence in Thailand’s election Commission to postpone the elections have been called for. Violence during demonstrations in November, at least ten people were killed. Meanwhile, the army on the eve of the election to deal with any untoward incident in the capital while expanding your contingent already imposed a state of emergency in the country. Past 81 years in the Army 18strict action against them can be. Peoples Democratic Reform Committee ( PDRC ) members protest the ouster of the prime minister to ensure they continue to campaign will disrupt the order to monitor the security situation in Bangkok already have been assigned to five thousand soldiers. Military spokesman said the protest troop locations we will add more. According to her the day of voting in Bangkok nearly ten thousand policemen and soldiers will be deployed will be hired. Minister of Labour, who are in charge of emergency imposed on protesters urged not to interfere in the poll process.


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