Will Queen Elizabeth get rid of the throne?

Some interesting facts that look at the future of the British royal family. Photos: File

Some interesting facts that look at the future of the British royal family. Photos: File

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At this time, the royal system government is found in many countries of the world. The UK is also included in its countries. The saying is famous that until the end of the world only 5 kings will remain there on this earth, 4 cards and one of England. Elizabeth II became the Queen of England in 1952 and if anyone wants to betray him, would he ever be handed over to the throne of his Crown Prince Charles or his grandfather Prince William? So our answer will not be. Let’s look at the reasons why it will not happen.

Last year British Daily (The Daily Mail) released a headline the question was asked whether the Queen is preparing for consent from the throne. However, all the news stories were based on the fact that Queen Elizabeth is planning to move to Charles Prince when she is 95 years old. The British history clearly states that transferring means does not mean that the Queen or the King is surrounded by the throne. Secondly, the Queen is not legally legitimate to transfer his options to someone else. However the British Law 1937 (Regency Act of 1937) states that it is possible only if specific circumstances require it.

Although there is a tradition in some royal families that the king or queen reaches a certain age and announce the separation from the throne, as is happening in the royal family of Holland, there is no such tradition in Britain. In fact, the idea of ​​acceptance from the throne is believed that this process is against the unofficial principles of the kingdom. History states that in 1936, when a British and Prince Edward VIII had broken the throne and crown to marry a woman named Wallis Simpson, a constitutional crisis was born. On his 21th birthday, Queen Elizabeth had promised the people of England that she would live forever. In his address, he said that I declare in front of you that all my life, regardless of whether it will be long or short, you and your great royal family, which we all belong to, will be dedicated to serving. This was a great promise of the Queen with his people, who has been doing well for the past 67 years.

Sarah Bradford, who has also written a book on Queen Elizabeth’s life, has also confirmed the Queen’s system, (Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times). That the Queen feels that he is also responsible for having a lifetime of life and also his duty. (Sarah Bradford) told the famous man that the Queen has never even thought of hijacking from the throne.

Long ago before the people of England might want that queen should be removed from the throne. According to The Week, Prince Charles’s growing popularity in the early 1990s, the drought went down and gradually diminished. However, during the rise of his popularity, he could not succeed in achieving public support for the throne and the acceptance of the Queen. The latest public reviews show that 70% of people want to rule the Prince of Wales instead of shifting power, as long as they live.

The British people love the queen, their desire for the Kingdom is not so intense, and therefore, it is not necessary that they would like to see someone else in the place of the king. That’s why most of them want the Queen to see the ruling ruler. (The Polly Toynbe) writes in the British journal that Queen Elizabeth II should be allowed to take the whole age, but she should be the last queen of the UK. Keeping in view of this kind of public emotions, it is hard to imagine that the Queen will move someone else to power.

Some people in England want to see a new king even on the throne still, Crown Prince Charles’s throne sign is considered as an issue. The All Mail Pearson writes we know and respect Prince Charles’s past and his flaws, as we respect his mother. Furthermore, doubts are found in the minds of people in the context of Prince Charles. They have some political issues and there are problems requiring desired royal impeccable problems or not. It is quite possible that the Queen is surrendered to the grandfather of his grandfather Prince William. However, in British history there is no such example that the tradition of Crown Prince (Prince of Wales) is considered to be the next king, to ignore his son’s rule. Apart from this, if the Queen also has a power supply from his weaknesses so his Crown Prince Charles himself has seen more than 70 Spring Flowers. In view of some other internal people of the royal palace including Lady Burrell, the public prince Charles understands more than the king’s role.

Regardless of the discussion whether the Queen will be handed over to the throne or not, this is another topic about the royal family that is very hot in the public if Prince Charles will handle the throne, Will his wife (Camilla Parker Bowles) be called Queen? Traditionally, the King of the King is called Bahamas, but does not fully support the title of Queen Camilla for the public emotions (Camilla Parker). Although in 2005, Prince Charles assured the public that Camilla Parker will never be called Queen instead, instead he would be the title of Princess Consort, but later he was disappointed with his statement, even though they also removed the message of confidence from the public from their official website. Now the thing to think is whether Queen Elizabeth will choose to open a Pandora box? The Koran and the conditions tell that they will not do this. Even though you have the opportunity to know Camilla Parker who is the title of Duchess of Cornwall so maybe you might like them.

In May when Queen Elizabeth’s retirement was retired, the people wondered, would the Queen now follow her husband in this matter? But no such announcement from the Queen comes from the fact that unlike her husband, she does not have any such intention. After the retirement of Prince Philip, instead of various public ceremonies, instead of the Queen, they showed their sons and grandchildren. Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, played the role that once used to play Prince Philip. As a result, the kingdom came to be a shadowy face, and again it seemed to be refreshing.

The Queen has been taking over his maximum duties to his children and their children. Thus, they are demonstrating their ability to rule as well as demonstrating their practical demonstrations that when they make small royal steps, they can make stakeholders in paying royal duties. So why do they need to take a big step like getting rid of the throne? This summer the British government made a dress rehearsal. The first time in the history according to the UK Daily (Express), the Minor participated in the pre-exercise practice of the same event. And so and they also gave the secret name of the London Bridge. The first day of Queen’s death was the secret name D (D1). From this situation, the Queen seems to be a queen to her death and there is no possibility of her departure from the throne.


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