Karachi's stock market, fastest this year's growth, increased 1556 points

Stock Market, fastest this year’s growth, increased 1556 points

Karachi … News Time Due to the positive impact of the $ 12 billion economic package by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Stock Exchange, a huge wave of market acceleration, due to the large ... Continue Reading →
The Donald Trump has applied a $ 200 billion tariff for Chinese items for the third time

US, China trade tension, as the biggest ‘trademark’ of history

Washington and Beijing … News Time China’s investment and industries are working in 60% of the new ones. And she is going to invest more. Economic experts have declared ... Continue Reading →
Value of Dollar increases to Rs 124.25 in interbank market

Value of Dollar increases to Rs 124.25 in interbank market

Karachi … News Time In the beginning of business in the Interbank Foreign Currency Market on Friday, a dollar has been added to the value of dollars in rupees. According to Forex ... Continue Reading →
The price of the dollar by Rs 123.40 to Rs 123.20

Interbank dollar increased in value compared to Rupees

Karachi … News Time In the Interbank, the value of rupees was increased, while the local open currency market remained a trend of dollar deficit. According to the Forex Association ... Continue Reading →
Japan's benchmark stock index bounced back after losing more than 300 points in early trading on Thursday

Open market dollar price further reduced, Increase the value of the rupee, Tokyo stock market volatility

Karachi, Tokyo … News Time During the trading interbank and the open market, the value of the dollar and the value of the rupee increased. The dollar price range continues. Trade ... Continue Reading →
The Turkish Lira has fallen below 40%

Turkish lira continued to decline, the currency price to a fresh all-time low of 7.24 points

Ankara … News Time After the diplomatic and economic tensions from the US, Turkey’s currency decreases in comparison to Lira’s dollar. After the concerns of the lack ... Continue Reading →
The value of the dollar in the open market was increased by 1 rupee to the 123.25 level

The dollar value one rupees increased to Rs. 123.50

Karachi … News Time State Bank prohibited exchange companies from customs offices and restrictions on delivery of relevant banks. US dollar sales have been limited to 20% in ... Continue Reading →
Dollar's price maintain to Rs 123.90 in open market

Dollar’s price maintain to Rs 123.90 in open market, Economy big challenge for the next government

Karachi … News Time In the inter bank, the value of rupees was rupee in front of the dollar, while rupee lost the value of rupees in the local open currency market. According ... Continue Reading →
The US dollar has reached 115400 Iranian rials

Iranian currency deficit, Iraqi investors lose billions of money, Iran’s protestsof bad Economic Conditions

Tehran … News time US Dollar for Iran’s Official Currency ‘Toman’ and as a result of unusual reduction compared to other world currencies. Iraqi investors ... Continue Reading →
One dollar in Interbank was Rs 122.50

Economic crisis: Dollar value falls by Rs 5.36, Iran’s rial hits record-low 1, 00,000 to the dollar

News Time Since the US elections in 2018, the value of US dollar is increasingly lower than the Pakistani rupee. The dollar value in comparison with Pakistani currency has decreased ... Continue Reading →