The dollar value will exceed 130 rupees

The dollar value will exceed 130 rupees ‘Experts’ economics

Karachi … News Time The dollar value is not due to the dollar growth in the market. Nor is it due to the market. Rather, the value of rupees was reduced under the terms set to ... Continue Reading →
In the Inter Bank, the price of $ 110 was increased from Rs 60 to Rs. 115

Pakistan:  Why not control Dollar?

News Time In dollar value compared to rupees just a few hours in the last few hours a day increase of Rs due to which the dollar reached the highest level of $ 115, Not only the government ... Continue Reading →
Saudi Minister of Commerce and Investment Dr. Majid Al-Qasabi and Japanese Minister of Industry and Trade Hiroshige Seko

Saudi Arabia and Japan joint investment volume exceed 100 billion riyals

Riyadh … News Time Special forum regarding joint venture projects of Saudi Arabia and Japan is being held at the Al-Faisaliah Hotel of Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh capital. These ... Continue Reading →
Tokyo Auto Salon 2018

Japan’s launched biggest custom-car show

Tokyo … News Time Tokyo’s world’s largest customs car show has become a colorful start in Japan’s capital Tokyo. This year, Tokyo Auto Salon has sold hundreds ... Continue Reading →
Nikkei average of 225 selected issues ended the day's trading at 23,714, up 208 points from Thursday's close

Tokyo stocks rose for the 2nd straight day following the year’s first trading

Tokyo … News Time Tokyo stocks rose for the 2nd straight day following the year’s first trading, boosted by the expectation the US economy will continue to expand. On Friday, ... Continue Reading →
Nikkei's average turnover was 23,506 with an increase of 741 points compared to the last day of the previous year

Tokyo shares at the highest level for 26 years

Tokyo … News Time Tokyo’s main share index indicates the new business year’s first business day on Thursday at the highest level of 26 years on Thursday, Due to this, ... Continue Reading →
Toyota Motor Group aims to sell a record vehicles year in the year 2018

Toyota Motor Group aims to sell a record vehicles year in the year 2018

Tokyo … News Time The target of Toyota Motor Group is to sell approximately 10.5 million vehicles in the global market in 2018. This group includes Daihatsu and Hino. Its sales ... Continue Reading →
The loan of $ 50 million has been taken from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Government of Pakistan has taken another $ 50 Million foreign loan

Islamabad … News Time The Government of Pakistan took another foreign commercial loan to prevent government reserves from falling under danger; $ 50 million loan has been taken ... Continue Reading →
Nikkei share average opened lower but later gained as much as 1.0 per cent to 22,775.68 in morning

Nikkei jumps to near 26-year closing high on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Tokyo … News Time Standard Stock Tokyo Tokyo Exchange Standard Index Nikkei closed at the highest level of approximately 26 years after the average Tuesday transaction. On Tuesday, ... Continue Reading →
Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Asian bank a approved 435 Million dallor loan for Pakistan

Islamabad … News Time The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved a $ 435 million worth of loan for Pakistan. According to the details released by the ADB on last day, the loan ... Continue Reading →