Faroe is an island consisting of the remote island islands of Norway in Svalbard

Norway’s unique island with a population of only one person

Faroe, Norway … News Time Streymoy lived 20 years ago by visiting Faroe Island. Faroe is an island consisting of the remote island islands of Norway in Svalbard. On the island ... Continue Reading →
Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi will compete for next Prime Minister File photo:

The facts of Indian elections that you would like to know, Elections start from April 11

News Time According to population, another major country in the world will start elections from April 11 this year in India, the Lok Sabha elections. At this time more than 90 million ... Continue Reading →
Deadly Embrace, a book about Bruce Riedel, former U.S. President's adviser regarding Pakistan and Afghanistan

Is Pakistan’s Future Civil War?

News Time Think tank in Broking Institute Institute in America is considered worldwide. In this institution, various issues of experts give their opinion. Writing articles, discussing ... Continue Reading →
Thucydides Trap: Are America and China Head of War?

Is it possible war in the United States and China?

News Time China’s development was somewhat short-lived; it was believed that economic growth would force China to change its political system. And its immortal system will turn ... Continue Reading →
From now on 500 years ago, in 1517, Khilafat Ottoman was started

Ottoman Empire:  Sultan of three continents, Special writing

News Time  From now on 500 years ago, in 1517, Khilafat Ottoman was started. Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babar was very well realized that his army was less than eight times compared to ... Continue Reading →
Important events in American history

Important events in American history, whose rumors are true

News Time Responsing to an accident or a secret hand behind an incident is called an ideological theory. Many such ideas have nothing to do with the fact. People just think about it. ... Continue Reading →
Human relationships are stronger than iron and more delicate than glasses

The Reality of human relationships

News Time Of course the greatest reality of life is death and the biggest reality of human relations is their delicate, weakness and inefficiency. If I consider human relationships, ... Continue Reading →
Albert Einstein's first wife Mileva Maric

The Women who made ‘the Einstein behind the Mind’

News Time Albert Einstein’s greatness in the 20th century is a real fact, who presented the ideology of which the entire building of the modern physics is standing, however, ... Continue Reading →
Some interesting facts that look at the future of the British royal family. Photos: File

Will Queen Elizabeth get rid of the throne?

News Time At this time, the royal system government is found in many countries of the world. The UK is also included in its countries. The saying is famous that until the end of the ... Continue Reading →
Pakistan Air Force Lieutenant Saiful Azam and Brigadier Zia ul Haq

The issue of recognizing Israel, Honor or Humiliation

News Time It is a matter of self-determination, someone gets respected by the enemy’s fighter plane and someone gets medals by tanks on their own. Every medal does not cause ... Continue Reading →