Important events at the global scene are eligible to make major changes. Photos

Crisis may be a major or Leader

News Time The crisis may be a major or lead leader; this accident can be of individual, collective, social or national nature. Social Sciences, Social Sciences, and especially the ... Continue Reading →
Australia's historical background

Australia’s historical background

News Time Australia knows most of Pakistan’s cricket team. Its official name is Commonwealth Australia. This country consists of the world’s largest continent. It includes ... Continue Reading →
Former President of Pakistan Arif Alvi

The story of the President’s powers

News Time On 14 August 1973, when the current constitution was implemented in the country, the President’s position in the Constitution was a representative officer, the original ... Continue Reading →
Top 10 daily habits that can damage your brain

Top 10 daily habits that can damage your brain

News Time These are all aware that the human mind is responsible for all physical organs. They include breathing, regular hemorrhoids, heart beat, muscle control, thinking and feelings. ... Continue Reading →
Prime Minister: Liaqat Ali Khan to Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

The 21 newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan: Special report

Islamabad … News time So far, 21 nominate elected Prime Minister s have been living in Pakistan, out of which no Prime Minister could not fulfill his term, who has seen the prime ... Continue Reading →
Former Africa's former and democratic president Nelson Mandela

How did Nelson Mandela spend 27 years in jail?

News Time During the 27-year-old Nelson Mandela’s 27-year-old prisoner, who lives on the basis of human rights activists and ethnic discrimination? New collection of posts written ... Continue Reading →
This statue, France, expressed his friendship on the occasion of a 100-year-old American Independence Day in 1886.

“Statue of Liberty” US, France symbol of friendship

New York … News Time “Statue of Liberty” is a great statue of America, France’s friendship, which is installed on the port of New York City. It is known as the ... Continue Reading →
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton happy, simple nature, sense humor and self-reliant personality

News time 70-year-old Senator, lawyer, former American woman and senior foreign minister, Hillary Clinton, have been courageous for women around the world, including a lively resident ... Continue Reading →
Kilauea volcano magma was making news center worldwide

Kilauea Volcano ۔۔۔

News Time There are 5 volcanoes in the U.S. State Air, which are part of the National Park of Hawaii. One of them Kilauea volcano magma was making news centers worldwide. Last month, ... Continue Reading →
Ghana has recently been killed after a year after a person dies

African countries where men are buried after weeks, months and years

Ghana … News Time In many countries, after the death of a man and woman, they are buried in two days but in this major work in the African country of Ghana, it takes several ... Continue Reading →