The UN General Assembly decided in November that it should be considered a day to end violence against women.

Violence on women is a universal problem

News Time The UN General Assembly decided in November that it should be considered a day to end violence against women. So that people should be aware of women’s rights. Why ... Continue Reading →
Kalabagh Dam is needed against water scarcity

Kalabagh Dam is needed against water scarcity

News Time People living in Pakistan live with strange thinking and passion. This impression of our nation in the world is common that we are extremists and emotional people. That’s ... Continue Reading →
People here sitting in public place, walking or traveling in the metro no matter what will happen, everything is spread only

Name of silent country to Finland

Helsinki … News Time The continent is considered against the civilization in the country of Finland in the north of Europe, against civilization, people do not even like to ask ... Continue Reading →
United Nations or any other forum, measures are made to take equal rights to women. File Photo

Women’s individual role in the current era

News Time At present, every day something new is seen and heard. With discoveries and inventions  new philosophy of life, freedom of men and women, boundary boundaries and various ... Continue Reading →
The attack on Kohima springed in the spring of 1944

The Battle of Kohima: Halting Japanese advance into India

News Time Kohima is the hill city of the northeast state of Nagaland and capital of the state, situated on a mountainous island. It stands on a remote hill of north-east India and ... Continue Reading →
Construction of the Three Gorges Dam on Yangtze River began in 1994

US tried to design the dam make controversial in China

Karachi … News Time Why has the opposition started dying around the world for the last few decades and who is behind it? The answer to these questions is the story of the world’s ... Continue Reading →
It is named TFX Hybrid Car

First Flying Car goes on Sale

Washington … News Time A regular carpenter company has made the world’s first blow job, which will be offered for sale in the United States next month. It has been named ... Continue Reading →
Important events at the global scene are eligible to make major changes. Photos

He is the best leader that country who expelled the crisis: Overview

News Time The crisis may be a major or lead leader; this accident can be of individual, collective, social or national nature. Social Sciences, Social Sciences, and especially the ... Continue Reading →
Australia's historical background

Australia’s historical background

News Time Australia knows most of Pakistan’s cricket team. Its official name is Commonwealth Australia. This country consists of the world’s largest continent. It includes ... Continue Reading →
Former President of Pakistan Arif Alvi

The story of the President’s powers

News Time On 14 August 1973, when the current constitution was implemented in the country, the President’s position in the Constitution was a representative officer, the original ... Continue Reading →