Yogi dog with an Incredibly Human Face images

Yogi dog with an Incredibly Human Face, these images viral on social media

Boston … News Time Photographs of human face-related pet dog Yogi have stirred on social media. The American woman has a pet dog whose eyes are just like humans and the face ... Continue Reading →
Hitler attacked the Soviet Union in 1941, a dangerous mistake

Ten big and wrong decisions of history

News Time A right decision can change your life, but a wrong decision can destroy your life. Some such wrong decisions that have left their influence on the world are listed below. 1. ... Continue Reading →
Japan is at the forefront of robot making technology and industry

Japan will now used of robots nurse to provide take care for the elderly

Tokyo … News Time Japan is at the forefront of robotics or robot-making technology and industry. The mass use of these automatic machines is also happening in the same country. ... Continue Reading →
Derbent's most ancient city of Russia

Derbent’s most ancient city of Russia

Derbent, Russia … News Time This city of Derbent is located between the Black and Caspian Seas and the Caucasus Mountain standing on the edge of Europe and Asia. We can also ... Continue Reading →
The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, who succeeded in eliminating the slavery in America

National Freedom Day in the US on February 1, 1865, ending slavery in American

News time Today, on February 1, National Freedom Day is celebrated in a memorandum of a great person in all the states of the United States. Who started his professional life as a ... Continue Reading →
The star of English Literature, John Updike

The star of English Literature, John Updike

News Time The typewriter put it on the table at home. In pen and crowded paper, it felt strange and attractive hockey envelopes would be very mysterious. The names and attempts to ... Continue Reading →
Japan's elegant woman Robot Erica

Now Japan’s female robot will read the news

Tokyo … News Time Last days, you will have read the news about Japan’s elegant woman Robot Erica, and now this year Erika as the news anchor will hear the news for the ... Continue Reading →
African King Togbe Ngoryifia Cphas Kosi Bansah

Meet the African ‘king’ who’s a mechanic

Ghana … News Time The world’s greatest kings know the history of their glory but an African king got the attention of the world by working with the government. This 67 ... Continue Reading →
Nostradamus predicted Natural Disasters and World War III during the year 2018

Nostradamus predicted Natural Disasters and World War III during the year 2018

London … News Time The famous genocide of human history and predecessor Nostradamus broke the third world war in the year 2018, Earthquakes from earth and other predictions including ... Continue Reading →
Japanese Husband Otou Katayama and his wife Katayama Yumi

Angry Japanese Husband has gone 20 YEARS without speaking to his wife

Tokyo … News Time Asian country is a person in Japan who has not spoken to the wife for 20 years. But now as a result of his 18-year-old son and two daughters-in-law efforts, ... Continue Reading →