Who Is Elizabeth Blackwell?

 Elizabeth Blackwell is the first woman to step in the medicine department

Elizabeth Blackwell is the first woman to step in the medicine department

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Elizabeth Blackwell is counted among the women of the world, who voiced her right to education, Struggled and drowned all kinds of difficulties in this way. He took his efforts and struggles for his own right, and today he is recognized as a reliable reference and respected personality of contemporary medicine. Elizabeth’s patriot was Britain. Elizabeth Blackwell, born on February 3, 1821, is the first woman who stepped in the medicine department. And after applying regular education and degree, this profession has been practically adopted. Not only this, while working in this field, they get medical education for women around the world and came to serve humanity and believed the society that woman gave the opportunity to work with men, where it would lead to collective development and prosperity, they will also prove to be beneficial for humanity. Elizabeth Blackwell had just completed the preliminary education that her father decided to leave the UK due to business troubles.

This family was immigrated to the United States for a better future, where one day Elizabeth Blackwell lost her father’s supplication forever. After his death, his economic conditions worsened. His mother attempted to consolidate the family by opening a school. At that time, Elizabeth started taking interest in Al-Dawaia and treatment therapist who showed them a new way. They decided to become a surgeon. However, his dream was an event of an accident. However, she is the first woman who got a regular degree in the medical sector and then she should remain aged in the field. Elizabeth thought she could become a doctor and make the difficulties of these women easier those who do not want to talk to men with their health and cure therapy and in this respect, feel embarrassed and hesitant. Elizabeth Blackwell l decided to bear her educational costs her while looking at financial problems of her family and started teaching. In 1847 he stressed to get medical education regularly, but at this time religious and social values ​​arose.

Today, countries such as Britain and America, gender equality and freedom of individual are considered, but in that time, women in their countries were facing social responsibility. He was facing various restrictions on the basis of religion and traditions. Applying for admission to Elizabeth Blackwel’s medical college in such a society was a rebellion. History pages show that in the West societies, look at the woman, then there is a sense of superiority in men, gender discrimination discrimination and there were many problems like women’s basic rights. Women’s education doors were closed, women need acquisition of knowledge and its importance was ignored and it was considered against the religious and social values. That was the reason that when Elizabeth Blackwel applied for admission for medical education, all major educational institutions rejected it, but they did not have courage and somehow they got admission in the Geneva Medical College of New York. However, during the course they faced many other problems. While enduring gender discrimination and malicious behavior, Elizabeth Blackwell successfully asserted success on every front of his determination and intentions. Conservative teachers and fellow students would have tried somehow stay away from the Elizabeth Blackwell classroom and laboratory, but that time passed. Now colleagues became friends and their education continued to be.

In January 1849, finally his dream was shameful interpretation. Elizabeth Blackwell became the first lady who graduated from a US medical school. After this wonderful success, he continued a further academic journey and turned to Paris. However, unfortunately, his life took a tragic turn and his eyes were lost due to infection. He wanted to become a surgeon, but after this accident his dream was inevitable. Later, Elizabeth Blackwell arrived in Paris from Paris and started a practice with a qualified and specialist doctor of a large hospital. In 1851, he applied a job in several New York hospitals and dispensaries, but they did not respond positively from anywhere. However, Elizabeth Blackwell refused to accept defeat again. They bought a house and started treating patients. It was also a catalyst and also the Elizabeth Blackwell resort. They wrote the publications related articles, lectures, which came in a booklet in 1852. All this was possible with the determination and intention of intentions. Elizabeth Blackwell defeated all obstacles and obstacles of his way.

In 1857 he established a letter for women and children with his sister and a specialist doctor. By January 1859, Elizabeth Blackwell was named as the first registered female physician in British Medical. Now she was giving health lectures in the UK and her name was honored with respect and respect. His knowledge and professional activities also attracted other women and they became aware of the acquisition of education and nursing education as a profession. His medical college led British women to pursue medicine and practically move forward in this sector. Elizabeth Blackwell With his courage and efforts where the society becomes an example for other women, stay respected due to your services for humanity in the medicine sector.

During 1857 to 1907, he also worked as a professor at the London School of Medicine for Children. His articles and numerous books were published whose basic subject was health and knowledge. This powerful and humble personality has always found an eye on May 31, 1910. He was 89 years old. Today there are numerous healing and teaching classes in the name of Elizabeth Blackwell, while one year of service on women’s services for women in the world of medicine is also attributed to Elizabeth Blackwell. He is not present among us today, but his message needs to be normal if the society is free from gender discrimination, and women are given the right to education, humans around the world can be benefited. Men need to raise awareness that women are talented and respected and in any field, be given the opportunity to move ahead of their interest and trend with social development and happy hospitality, People can be served and promoted in a better way with collective development and happiness.


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