The Women who made ‘the Einstein behind the Mind’

Albert Einstein's first wife Mileva Maric

Albert Einstein’s first wife Mileva Maric

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Albert Einstein’s greatness in the 20th century is a real fact, who presented the ideology of which the entire building of the modern physics is standing, however, behind this success and greatness; there is really a woman’s hand, which has expired the world. Albert Einstein’s greatness and success goes to her wife Mileva Maric, who had been with Albert Einstein since then when he was a student and himself did not even recognize the hidden essence inside himself. It is said that Mileva was more intelligent than Maric Albert Einstein, but he could not even find half the reputation like Albert Einstein.

Mileva Maric was a respected family of Serbia. She was interested in reading physics and mathematics since childhood. After the initial education was completed, his father sent it to Switzerland in Zurich University, and he met Albert Einstein. Mileva Maric was the only student in the physics department. Mileva Maric received more numbers from Albert Einstein in mathematics in the admission test. That’s not the same as the final episode in Applied Physics as much as its score was far from Albert Einstein. During the relationship Mileva Maric and the love of Albert Einstein was established and they both wanted to get married, but Albert Einstein’s parents were opposed to this relationship. Father objected that Albert Einstein should get a job before getting married while his mother concealed Mileva Maric’s limitations in a glance and expressed the fear that after marriage, he will soon be grateful to his son.

Meanwhile, there was a lapse between the two cities due to housing in which physics difficulties are also discussed. Mileva Maric gives such a fascinating answer to difficult questions that Albert Einstein also acknowledges her low rationale. Shortly afterwards, both of them composed their first research paper. Mileva Maric refused to hide her name when her time was published. One of the reasons for this was the social ideology of this time. Both knew that when people would know that the author of this article is a woman so its scientific status will become zero and people will not take it seriously.

The second reason was that Mileva Maric wanted to be named Albert Einstein’s name. And they get some money so that they can get married. This series of Mileva Maric’s Albert Einstein’s contribution and sacrifices continued to be as long as both were with him. In 1903, both the relationships were settled in Medvedev and from here a new era of new life and physics began. After marriage, both of them spent their difficulties in solving the difficult and complex questions of physics, while doing research and editing for a long time. Both shared friends say that in every research and essence of Albert Einstein, he saw Mileva Maric equal to the shareholders. Albert Einstein was presented to a paper review during the unemployment period so she continued to work for 5 weeks and worked after bed for 2 weeks. Meanwhile, Mileva Maric re-seen the work of Albert Einstein and made a lot of truths. When Albert Einstein received a job lecture in an institution, it was Milwaukee who woke up the night and made notice of lecture next day and Albert Einstein lectured the next morning. Whenever Mileva Maric is asked the question that Albert Einstein is being named as the great scientist for the theory of research and research, if they also have a share of Mileva Maric, then why does not her want to bring her name to the public? So Mileva Maric had the same answer that she wants to see Albert Einstein successful and famous and she is happy. Albert Einstein could not stand unheardly despite his mate and sincerity of Mileva Maric. And only 9 years after his marriage in 1912 Albert Einstein was arrested in love with a Cousin Elsa.

The second reason was that Mileva Maric wanted to be named Albert Einstein’s name. And they get some money so that they can get married. To give and sacrifice for Mileva Maric’s Albert Einstein two years later, Mileva Maric decided to separate from Albert Einstein and returned to Zurich. In 1919, a regular divorce agreement was signed between the two, that year, Albert Einstein also married Elsa. So far, Albert Einstein had begun to get Nobel Prize. Between the two found that if Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize, he would share it half. After receiving the Nobel Prize, Albert Einstein intends to change, and wrote the letter to Mileva Maric that the reward will be only his son, entitled Mileva Maric. At this time Mileva Maric was suffering from serious illness and financial tightness, so she needed a lot of money.

 Mileva Maric sent many memories and documents to Albert Einstein and reminded him if Mileva Maric and his intelligence were not with Albert Einstein; he would never reach this place. In response, Albert Einstein wrote a documentary letter while stating Mileva Maric’s idea. After the separation, Albert Einstein’s behavior led Mileva Maric to the dying moment, he writes and expressed letters to his son Hans Albert and his parentsHowever, it would also say that keep it for you and do not disturb Albert Einstein. After Mileva Maric’s death, Hans’s wife tried to publish those posts that Mileva Maric wrote to her son. And mentioned the self-determination of Albert Einstein, however, Albert Einstein’s lawyer was prevented from doing so.

Overall Mileva Maric was a simple woman who had no desire for reputation or name. On the contrary, she wanted to see her beloved husband at the highest position. He also used his own capability and immunity ability for the husband. He was the first person, despite the intention of Albert Einstein’s intelligence, that he himself was more intelligent than that. He accompanied Albert Einstein at every step and made the path smooth for his achievements. It would not be wrong to say that if Mileva Maric was not there, Albert Einstein could never become a great scientist.


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