The Reality of human relationships

Human relationships are stronger than iron and more delicate than glasses

Human relationships are stronger than iron and more delicate than glasses

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Of course the greatest reality of life is death and the biggest reality of human relations is their delicate, weakness and inefficiency. If I consider human relationships, I feel strange because human relationships are stronger than iron and more delicate than glass-ie; easily break in moments of moments. Everything in this Darwinism would have fainted, changed its color, got into dust and started again. Beautiful flowers decorated on the trees of the trees are mixed and they are found in dust and then the soil of this same soil is filled with beautiful flowers and sunshine. We were impressed by their beauty and cool their eyes with their beauty but they do not consider being delicate, non-durable and fascinating. The deadly flowers, the fallen fall fallen leaves and the fascinating demonstrations of thought, let us understand this secret and message that no item in the world is also a survival, no one is going to continue, but man has his own nature that he remains in danger of life and do not consider the changing colors of the power and the deceptive style, but if you consider it, then you will know that even man himself changes in time.

Similarly, human relations, human relations also change colors. If friendship and relationships are strong then iron is stronger than that, People have two lives, without seeing each other and listening to each other, without compassion and then only one thing is left in a little bit like they do not know each other, they do not recognize. The truth is that language is very light and weighing item but the word derived from it is as heavy as henna and dangers. That can not tolerate him as a big and powerful aspect. I saw human beings falling under the rocks of a piece of trays, with the sword of words, humans have seen laughing, the self-reliance of time, power, wealth, reputation, power and importance of power has seen people changing and creating new forms, the decades and years have seen old friendship and long-term relationships and bloody relationships, have seen the distance of the distance, the love of love has also been transformed into a headache, the eyes of each other have also seen stealing each other. And the relationships of love have also been seen to change blood cells into envy.

That’s why I call that more than human relationships and human relationships not durable, not weak and delicate. Yes, they are stronger than the relationship of iron in which the edges are found. In the broader sense and meaning, in a sense of widespread capacity, value, courage, selfless desire. Since my experience and observation is that most relationships and relationships break the age of Anna and break through the mutual confrontation. If there is a difference between misunderstanding, misunderstanding, blemish or loss, usually the matter becomes clear, whether the heart is clean or not. That’s why I speak of a great deal that if the capacity is wide then the heart becomes clean after sorry and the ball or line emerging in the mirror of the palace also leaves, but if a man is a master of great respect, if a vast kingdom of honor is a desolate king, it is difficult to bear it. His honor, ignorance, and greatness of his glory and the standards are so high that he usually loses the light of the ark; there is a feeling of tolerance and forgiveness, so he can not be able to retire, nor sit in chains. The same respect is called Sufi-Nafs, because self-deprived person deprives and revolves from the nature of forgiving.

The fact is that forgiveness after abusive man does not reduce human honor but increases. It is estimated that the person who apologizes gives importance to their relationship and relationships. The person who is deprived of happiness, near me, is a heartfelt heart; hard heart is not even harmful in his nature. It is not just to kill anyone, to kill someone, to kill someone or to kill someone rather, hammer on someone’s feelings, humiliating someone, blowing up and blowing is very cruel. Some punishments will be found in the next world, and some are calculated in their lives. My eyes are witnesses of these scenes.

I’ve usually seen the kinsmen in the collision clash and scattered. Anti-emperor is an important pillar of empire. It takes birth from the level of wisdom. Due to the intellect, Vim, Guman and Hassan Zain are suffering from cheerful and intimidating people. If you believe in the future, then you have mercy on Allaah, but if there is a branch of your attributes then there is ignorance. Man can be ignorant even after receiving a number of degrees because every person who is a worldly astronomer but the nature and the general rules of nature are unbelievable and unbelievable, the right to be called ignorant, and its knowledge seduce it, removes it from the band. That’s why just as a scientist wakes up the universe, through the invention, the secrets of power understand and fade, and then it goes near nature. Similarly, as a philosopher or poet travels to the heights and greatness of the universe, opens faith with thought, human descends into the sea of ​​nature or inner, and apparently reveals the truth, it goes near power and nature. The one, who does not know knowledge, does not open the window of thought over nature, he is not knowledge, but he is the burden of books and information, the one whom he takes and is in the wages of being universal.

Yes, I was demanding that human relations and human relations are the fragile item and for the sake of strengthening, maintaining and maintaining them, art is the first condition. When both sides become the ruler of the Anas, the rule of antagonism, and the belief and relationships of the Anas are increased only if they are convinced to be truthful and understandable themselves. The essence of success is both in the world and the Hereafter.


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