Important events in American history, whose rumors are true

Important events in American history

Important events in American history

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Responsing to an accident or a secret hand behind an incident is called an ideological theory. Many such ideas have nothing to do with the fact. People just think about it. Regarding these things, some conspiracy ideas proved true. The underlying view is such a conspiracy theory, which was later acknowledged in front of the world. Humanity swollen medical experiments on blacks:

This conspiracy theory about American doctors has been present for a long time that they have been experimenting with their black citizens and Latin America, keeping them unaware. If it was limited to medical experiments on patients, it was abusive, but these speculations were also about American doctors. They make patients patiently sick by entering the bacteria of healthy people, then try them new medicine. The Tuskegee syphilis experience in the US is a link to this regard. Tuskegee syphilis is a U.S. University of Alabama, with the help of Public Health Service in 1932. The doctor’s team gave medical experiments by giving them free treatment, food and insurance to the 600 Blacks of Alabama black people. In this, 399 people were in pregnancy with pregnancy surgery, and in 201 people, the disease was transmitted. These experiments were intended to see how Penicillin proves useful in arthritis disease. These experiences continued till 1972.

In the same year, news was published in the newspaper against him in November, which revealed that many people died during these experiences, the women of 40 of them moved to the disease with the disease, which the children born could not be protected from it. In 1974, the US Congress legislated ban on human rights violations. However, no president did not apologize to the affected black people and his family. In 1997, when the conscience of US President Bill Clinton blamed them, he recognized this ghost incident and demanded forgiveness from the affected families.

Plan to target your citizens:

The US government had a hand over the destruction of the World Trade Center, which has not yet been able to prove its solid proof of ideology, that’s why it should be considered to be just a matter of fact, but in the past the Americans used to plan to terrorize their own citizens in the past. But fortunately it could not be implemented. In December 1959, Cuban’s public revolution blew America’s waves. The US was completely unable to save the cruel government of its general B Fulgencio Batista. America has made many plans to end this revolution and to defame the Cuban government; the Bay of Pigs plan was very famous in history. America’s fierce rise reached the rise of the project, so in 1962, US Joint Chiefs of Staff set a stupid plan. The secret name of the project was Operation North Woods, under which it was to blame Castro’s government by taking terror in various cities of America. In this way, the US government could cope with its public in order to assert Cuba as a terrorist state. However, President John F. Kennedy rejected the project. It was a long time for the project, which has been controversy by the U.S. government conspiracy theory, but the documentary review for the Kennedy murder of the U.S. record on November 18, 1997, de Francisco, They also have a complete military record of 1962-64, which confirms that the Americans were not a proposition of terrorism but also the fact that their citizens were terrorized in the past.

America’s Secret Military Area, Area 51:

The area situated in the desert area of ​​Nevada, USA, has been imaging for the world for 51 years. Many plot-making ideas were created in this regard that America is doing nuclear experiments here and is making a devastating weapon against the Soviet Union. US President denies these things, as a mentality of people. However, in July 2013, the CIA recognized the existence of this area publicly for the first time, and publicly documented the history and its historical documents. According to this document, Area 51 has been selected by CIA and Air Force staff after aerial reviews in 1955. At that time US president Einstein Hall had personally approved it. The real purpose of this place is hidden, but, based on historical evidence, this place has been used for experimental planes, weapons development and testing. The United States had a plan to keep a secret plan for the Soviet Union’s intelligence; there was a place for him to look after the people’s eyes. These planets were prepared for the Soviet Union’s spy during the Cold War, which are still used by US Air Force. Experienced flights of one-to-one planes on the rise in the 50s more than ordinary planes had increased too much to talk about flying flights:


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