A place in Ethiopia where is no life despite the water

A place in Ethiopia where is no life despite the water

A place in Ethiopia where is no life despite the water

Addis Ababa … News Time

Earth is known as the only habitable planet in the universe, but now millions or millions of years later it is discovered that there is a place where life is not possible. Yes, it is not possible to imagine that there is no place on earth where life does not exist, but scientists have confirmed that Ethiopia’s plains called Dallol are a hot spot where no bacterial life exists. Located on the southeast corner of Ethiopia, the desert is one of the hottest places in the world with an average temperature of 62 degrees Celsius. With two vibrant volcanoes, a lava lake, geysers, acidic pools and numerous mineral reserves, this place offers a view of another planet. Even in winter, the temperature is above 45 degrees Celsius, while the water in the lake is very acidic and saline.

Research published in the journal Nature Nature Ecology and Evolution stated that previous research reports regarding this location did not meet the criteria set forth in the report. And now we confirm that there is no bacterial life in salty, hot and acidic lakes or ponds. To this end, the research team looked at the genetic indicators, on which the microbes and germs are divided into different types, fluorescent flow cytometry was used to examine the cells, while salt water was chemically tested and other methods were used.

According to Lopez Garcia, a biologist with the French National Center for Scientific Research, some minerals seem to contain bacterial cells that should be thoroughly analyzed. Scientists are currently focusing on fluid water for life and habitat in other planets outside the Earth. And they think that cells need water for their functions. Life can be found everywhere in the earth where there is water, whether it is the depths of the sea or the depths of caves, volcanic lava and glacier. But this area of ​​Ethiopia is a place where there is no water, but scientists say it means that if we find a planet in which there is fluid water, then life is not possible there. Yes.


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