Only 2 days left for the football World Cup 2018

Mega event will start in Russia from June 14

Mega event will start in Russia from June 14

Moscow … News Time

Only 2 days left for the football World Cup to be celebrated, Mega event will start from June 14 in Russia. The team of teams to reach Russia is growing rapidly from around the world, which is being welcomed. On the other side, teams are also doing a lot of practice and Egyptian princess Mohammad Salah is also excited. Those wishers are waiting for their return. Fan Fest has also begun in Russia where football dunes came to the gym and from t-shirts of famous football players, food and other gifts are concentrating. The number of monarchs is present in R & R, while fans from one and a half to other million people are turning Russia, not only this, there are more than three million fans present in front of the television screen, waiting for the FIFA World Cup.

The first match of the World Cup will be played in Moscow between Russia and Germany on June 14 the final of the tournament will be played in the same stadium on July 15. Official launch Football 18 has also been ranked for the FIFA World Cup 2018 which was developed in Pakistan.

The FIFA World Cup winner will get a total of $ 38 million in cash with a pure gold-Fifa trophy. The team bearer will be awarded $ 28 million as a prize and the third-ranked team $ 24 million, the fourth-ranked team will be entitled to the maximum amount of $ 22 million. Spain’s Football Association has announced a $ 1 million award for each player, after winning the trophy. After becoming champion 8 years ago in South Africa, every player of Spain’s football team had given a prize of $ 7.5 million per person. Defense champion Germany has also announced the award on the successful defense of the team by the team. If the German team was successful in retiring, then every player’s account will be collected four million 12 thousand dollars. Brazil is not behind this, if the Neymar team won the trophy after 16 years. So, every player from the football federation will be worth $ 9.5 million.


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