Football World Cup 2018: Which country will play and whi out of World Cup

The Football World Cup will be played from 14, June to 15 July, in Russia

The Football World Cup will be played from 14, June to 15 July, in Russia

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The Football World Cup will be played from 14, June to 15 July, in Russia. In the qualifying round of the tournament, Germany’s champion champion was the winner in all his matches. However Italy and Holland teams can not qualify. World Cup Champions 4 times Italy and Holland’s team reaching the final 3 times failure to qualify football World Cup 2018. Germany is the only team that winner in all its matches in the World Cup qualifying rounds and thus qualified for the tournament. Germany coach Joachim Löw won 10 in 10 matches but is even more interesting in the matches, German players scored 43 goals the total number of round scores against them was only 4. That is why observers are calling Germany to win this tournament even this time.

The total of 278 matches was played in the World Cup qualifying rounds, with a total score of 807 goals. Polish forward Robert Lewandowski proved to be the most prominent player in the qualifying matches, who scored 16 goals out of 28 from his team. Apart from this, Robert Lewandowski is the only player, one-minute part of the qualifying match game. England, Spain and Belgian teams lost their own match in qualifying matches. The Croatia team also qualified for the tournament in the exciting qualifying match while the Iceland team has reached the World Cup tournament for the first time. This is the team, which had influenced everyone from its wonderful game in the Euro Cup in 2016. The total 330,000 population country is Iceland, the smallest country to become part of this tournament.

Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisian teams have qualified for the World Cup. Similarly, Asia, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Saudi Arabia will be able to qualify in Asia. a total of 14 teams from Europe qualified, including Belgium, France, Portugal, Sweden, Croatia, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, England, Poland, Spain, Serbia, Denmark and Iceland. Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica 3 teams qualified from Caribbean, North America. From South America, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia have qualified.


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