Will North Korea be ruled by a woman for the first time?

Kim Jong Un, the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un, the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s 36-year-old mysterious disappearance, silence and rumors of his death have sparked a worldwide analysis of North Korea’s new ruler. Although it is not yet clear where Kim Jong Un is and how he is doing, the South Korean government has claimed that reports of the North Korean leader’s death are false. The South Korean government has denied Kim Jong Un’s death and provided no evidence of his whereabouts. However, the South Korean government has suggested that Kim Jong Un may have restricted himself due to the spread of coronavirus in North Korea, but the South Korean government has not provided any evidence in this regard.

On the other hand, although the governments of China, Japan and the United States have not explicitly commented on Kim Jong Un’s health or rumors of his death, senior sources in all three countries have expressed hope that the North Korean leader will be well. US President Donald Trump and Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo also said in a statement that they hoped Kim Jong Un would be well, but did not provide any evidence that the North Korean leader was in good health. The Chinese government said on April 25 that it had sent a team of experts to North Korea to treat Kim Jong Un. However, Chinese officials did not specify what disease Kim Jong Un was suffering from and have not yet commented.

The North Korean media also did not report on Kim Jong Un’s health, nor did the media mention his disappearance. Controversy over Kim Jong Un’s health and life has sparked speculation around the world about the new North Korean leader, with a few named as the country’s new conservative ruler. Leading US time magazine reports that the North Korean leader’s disappearance has led to the younger sister Kim Yoo-jong, 30, being seen as a possible new king, but there are also rumors that Will a woman be able to handle North Korea?

Kim Yo Jong:

According to Time magazine, Kim Yo Jong is the younger sister of the North Korean leader and one of several children of the former king, who received his higher education in Europe. According to the report, Kim Yo Jong is considered to be very close and close to her brother and she has been giving suggestions to her brother in many important matters. Kim Yo Jong also led North Korea’s contingent to the 2018 Winter Olympics, and since then she has emerged as a unique and secular woman on the world stage. I was also seen meeting Donald Trump and his brother. Born in Pyongyang, Kim Yo Jong received his higher education in Switzerland and married the son of a senior North Korean government official, who himself is currently serving in senior government positions. Most experts believe that if Kim Jong Un does not remain and the ruler in North Korea is changed, a woman will become the king for the first time, but some international experts believe that she will not be made the ruler. According to some experts, North Korea has had only three rulers since its inception in 1948 and all three were men, the first being the grandfather of the current ruler, the second being the father of the current ruler and the third being the current ruler Kim Jong Un. According to experts, North Korea is not yet fully prepared for women’s rule, so it is possible that someone other than Kim Jong Un’s sister could be made king.

Kim Pyong-il:

According to the American newspaper Bloomberg, a new but well-versed politician has appeared on North Korean politics after conflicting rumors spread about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. According to Bloomberg, Kim Jong Un’s uncle and 65-year-old Kim Pyong-il, who served as North Korea’s ambassador to several European countries, has emerged following rumors of his death. The report said that Kim Jong Un’s uncle and Kim Pyong-il, the second son of North Korea’s first leader and founder, is being seen as the new ruler after his disappearance. According to experts, because Kim Pyong-il has extensive experience in diplomacy and government, he is likely to be the new head of state after Kim Jong Un. But at the same time it is being said that since Kim Pyong-il was the son of the second wife of the founder of North Korea and he was not the real uncle of the current king by his mother, it is quite possible that the family dispute Because they should be deprived of this right. According to political experts, if Kim Pyong-il somehow becomes the new head of North Korea, for the first time, the country will have a more enlightened ruler and the country will be in safe hands.

Kim Jong-chul:

Some world experts believe that the new king of North Korea may be Kim Jong-chul, the elder brother of Kim Jong-chul, who, although his father had already chosen him as the ruler, in recent years. The decision to make him ruler was reversed. According to the BBC, some observers of North Korea’s political, governmental and family systems believe that Kim Jong-chul’s fortunes may shine in this time of crisis and he may become the next king. One is that Kim Jong-chul belongs to the ruling family and the other is that he is a man as well as a hardliner. In addition, international experts believe that in addition to the ruling family, some very important government officials could be made the new head. According to experts, some high-ranking government and military officials who are very close to the ruling family could be made the new head. The following are the names of such people.

Kim Jae-ryong:

Experts also believe that North Korean Prime Minister Kim Jae-ryong could be made head of state, as he has been one of Kim Jong-un’s most trusted men.

Choe Ryong-hae:

Choe Ryong-hae, a senior military officer and Kim Jong Un’s closest ally, could also be made the new chief, as he has nothing to do with the ruling family like Kim Jong Un.


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