Why did take a break MQM Pakistan?

Why did take a break MQM Pakistan?

Why did take a break MQM Pakistan?

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By the year 2013, MQM was a strong and organized group but now is scattered and practically divided into four factions, it is a symbol of political disintegration in the city. Because the crew of these factions too has prepared a lot to take advantage of the bad situation inside MQM (Pakistan). Last week MQM (Pakistan) but due to chaos and distribution for false reasons more problems were created in its own party. And other political parties are waiting for the final blow. It is interesting that Pakistan Peoples Party and Jamaat-i-Islami, whose role is in politics of Karachi they have expedited their campaign and membership campaign. Karachi’s rich Jamaat-e-Islami Hafiz Naeem announced on Monday that the party will offer an alternative plan for Karachi. So now every party’s look is at 20 or 21 seats in the National Assembly and 51 seats in the provincial assembly. PPP is hoping to increase 8 to 10 seat seats from Sindh.

They have the right to benefit from this situation. The two factions of MQM (Pakistan) are now looking at the Election Commission of Pakistan for their approval. The contact committee’s position is better but does they have so many MPAs to win at least one or two seats in the Senate. One thing is certain that even when the legal warriors are won, the necklace will only be MQM, and the benefit will be of the third party. If MQM’s organizational structure is considered, the contact committee is the most powerful after its leader or founder.

From the year 1984 to 1992, MQM had a political setup and instead of the contact committee, he had the Central Working Committee, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General and other officials. After the military operation, its central body was terminated and the contact committee was formed in place of it. After 22 August 2016, accidentally MQM (Pakistan) took birth with a separate political identity. In the past two and a half years, Party tried to fill the party’s loss But those who were pressured at the doctor’s doctor Dr Farooq Sattar could not bear it. When they and others decided to work as MQM (Pakistan), they were hoping to soften the establishment. He passed a resolution against MQM’s founder and demanded a trial against the rebel. But he could not resist MQM’s alleged involvement in MQM. Then they had to press the pressure to abandon MQM’s name, And if they had a new group or group, they would get relief. On one hand they had to face pressure from a few circles of establishment

On the other hand, Government of Sindh took practical action under the Local Government Act 2013 and made Mayor Karachi and the system irresistible. So MQM (Pakistan) could not get the names and names of its workers and leaders out of cases and inquiries, nor could they employ jobs to their unemployed workers. Some of his offices were opened but they were not allowed to open the sector and units. 9 /Zero to Khursheed Memorial Hall and Jinnah Ground, all were living in New Guj for MQM. The MQM Foundation (Pakistan) was also allowed to run independently for the People’s Foundation. On the political front, PPP and Sindh in the center at the center kept PPM from MQM And despite the assurance, they were not invited to become a part of the government alliance. Due to this, political and economic crisis arises within MQM (Pak) And its MNEs, MPs and other officials were upset. Sometimes his leaders had to face unmatchedness in the meeting of non-political people who were taking care of MQM. In a few months, MNMs and MPEs, MPs, units and units started changing their loyalty towards the PSP from MQM (MQM) or decided to go abroad.


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