Who is handsome Prime Minister in the World Imran Khan or Justin Trudeau?

PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

PTI Chairman Imran Khan and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Karachi … News Time

After the general election 2018 results it has become clear that Pakistan’s next Prime Minister will be Imran Khan Cheif of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf after this, on the social media last few days, the debate continues that now the world’s attractive and beautiful Prime Minister will be Imran Khan or Justin Trudeau. There is no doubt that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan is famous for its vivid and attractive personality. And rule over the hearts of millions of people.

On the other hand, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not less than anyone, because of his attractive personality and softness. He has already received the honor of the world’s handsome and beautiful Prime Minister. But now after Imran Khan becomes the Prime Minister’s predecessor, Justin Trudeau is going to get this honor because of the results of election results, social media is being compared to both users and Imran Khan is being called the first prime minister and Justin Trudeau as the second highest prime minister.

The user named Saba Baloch wrote the photo of Justin Trudeau and Imran Khan sharing finally, our Prime Minister Imran Khan has become the world’s elegant and attractive and prime minister. Along with this, he apologized to Canada, saying, sorry, we defeated you. Actress Urwa Hocane is not behind, she writes, now Justin Trudeau is the second most attractive Prime Minister of the world, now Imran Khan now. The Twitter handle named Anjam Iqbal, who is the world’s most beautiful Prime Minister, wrote with photos of Imran Khan and Justin Trudeau, if you understand Imran Khan please re-enter and browse Justin Trudeau. A woman describes her feelings for Imran Khan and wrote how beautiful the Lord made you. Another woman, sharing the famous story of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, wrote, “It is not beautiful,” she said. Another user wrote now it’s a matter of time Justin Trudeau will lose the title of the most attractive prime minister. Imran Khan’s likes on Instagram are comparing Justin Trudeau. Writing a beautiful photograph of both a user, now there is not only one prime minister in the world, handsome (attractive).


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