US’s intransigence and diplomatic joke laugh

Only one hand was raised in the support of US resolution, and he was the US Ambassador Nickie Heli in the Security Council.

Only one hand was raised in the support of US resolution, and he was the US Ambassador Nickie Heli in the Security Council.

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The US ambassador to the United Nations Security Council, who was laughing at the United Nations Security Council, was also unhappy about ending his assassination. Two and a half weeks ago, I was painting pictures in front of this building and asking my son about the atmosphere inside the building. Because he had gone to the building to represent Pakistan in the 14th World Human Rights Conference in August last year that’s why she was more aware of the inner level than I was inside my style is to wipe out Pakistan’s resolutions about the injustices here, especially Kashmir and it was related to historical truths regarding the blow of justice. But after reading my son Mustafa Khalid from Johns Hopkins University instead of emotions in argument and logic rather than hurting historical truths by emotionally education and training was found to provide realistic approach to this style be strong opponents of your position and your supporters are about to present your problem with the impartiality of your position.

The thing was weight and I had experienced this at the moment when the late Governor Chaudhry Altaf Hussain organized a meeting with the United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali in the Lahore High Court Lahore. With me two senior and patriotic Pakistani journalist Majeed Nazami Sahib and Zaid A. Sulehri when his Boutros Boutros-Ghali was not influenced by his everlasting talk, I kept the position of being junior and introduced myself as his full luminous scholar. And then the donation to the United Nations in 1998 was sent without mentioning the amount that I donated to your organization donors. And as well as the check that I received with the seal to receive the donation, I was sent back. Presents Boutros Boutros-Ghali, he grabbed me in his right hand, and thanked me now by right hand on my right hand. That he is listening to a big deal, the one who ignored the conversation of emotionally a few minutes ago was fantastic. The resolutions approved by Kashmir want to be implemented.

Indian Prime Minister Nehru’s promise to resign in the United Nations could not get the attention of the global institution and Kashmir’s problem is incomplete incomplete agenda, which can not be deleted by the UN by its record. At that time, Russia used to disrupt the defeat of India, and now the United States has changed its policy after becoming the world’s only super power.

The latest situation is very interesting that the US ambassador to the United Nations Security Council, to teach humanity to human-blooded animals in Gaza. And there was a resolution against Kuwait for the uprising and insecurity. Kuwait presented a resolution to take steps to protect the lives, livestock and animals of Gaza’s poor citizensAmerica’s attractive and young ambassador Nikki Haley dismissed Kuwait’s resolution and made diplomatic preparations for the resolution of the United States’s resolution. He went to an ambassador and was demanding a vote for himself, with his liberal slave ambassador to Israel, West Indo-European and East Alliance was to get only one vote. He wanted to reject Kuwait’s resolution by voting on the United States’s resolution, the first failure, to US Ambassador Nikki Haley. When President of the Security Council, Russia rejected this request, there was also a warm debate in informal conversation that he did not prove to appeal to Hamas’s reservations. 10 votes came to Kuwait’s resolution and the resolution of the resolution allowed the American ambassador to stay in the vicinity of the Veto. The draft resolution of the US Ambassador in the Security Council was presented. Nikki Haley was wasted the global organization with its vitto power in the struggle of humanity survival and protection. And it was not even possible that the resolution presented by the United States could now replace the members of the Security Council in the voting. He knew so much that the voters who did not vote for Kuwait’s resolution would not support the US-led resolution in this seat. However, the delegates of countries who did not participate in the opinion were expected to support full support and it was also expected that a member supporting Kuwait’s Kuwaiti property was due to the fear of the United States’s anger or its diplomatic runoff. Instead of supporting or opposing American resolutions, not taking part in the opinion will definitely be in support of the US but Nikki Haley made a hand in front of him by offering a resolution, it was a major blow, while only one hand was raised in the support of the US resolution. And that hand was Nikki Haley.

In the history of the Security Council, there is no example of this kind of opinion in which the motive of the resolution could not get any other than. This historic slogan of the United States, with a blasphemy and diplomatic failure in the United Nations Security Council and the punishment of the Security Council by giving the punishment to not be dismissed by the United States and the United States’s unemployment has increased. Palestinians agree in their speech that the date of the UN and the history of the Security Council did not happen so far. That a country has submitted a resolution and it only receives a vote and that itself is the country to offer the resolution. If this is not a failure then tell me what the failure. Nikki Haley’s diplomatic life was not a step of such kindness and despair this day proved devastating and why it would have been somewhere to protect Nihuast and to make decisions in the nations of the world. He reached the threshold of the United States but Hit Dummer stopped constantly sorry.


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