US vows to get out of ‘blood-stained’ Middle East: Trump

President Trump said the United States would release Middle East blood-soaked soil

President Trump said the United States would release Middle East blood-soaked soil

Washington, Damascus … News Time

US President Trump has pledged to leave the region, calling the Middle East bloody soil. Speaking at the White House, according to the Arab news agency, President Trump said that the United States would release the blood of the Middle East. The US president also announced that the relations with the Middle East would change, saying that many US service members were killed in the Middle East. He said that America no longer needs to be the world’s policeman, we are going out and now let someone else fight on this bloody land, our military job is not the police of the world.

Trump said other nations must come forward and do their part, and I am determined on a variety of ways that America can succeed. The US president added that despite the massive withdrawal from Syria, some troops will remain on Syria’s oil installations because we have secured oil and therefore a small number of US forces will remain in areas where oil is present.

Remember that Turkey launched a military operation called ‘Peace Peace Spring’ against Kurdish rebels in northern Syria from October 9. Turkey wants to secure more than two million Syrian refugees in Turkey by securing 32km of Syrian territory along its border. And Turkey is demanding that Kurdish militia go beyond the 32km range of northern Syria and call it a safe zone. Be aware that Kurdish militia is active in establishing an independent country, Kurds have been given a sovereign territory in the name of Kurdistan in Iraq. However, they also want Syria and Turkey to be part of Kurdistan, while Turkey considers Kurdish militias as terrorists. According to Arab media, Russia and Syria will facilitate the expulsion of Kurdish militias from the border region under the Seas fire agreement. Russia has warned Kurdish militants to immediately withdraw from the Turkish and Syrian border areas or else the Turkish forces will expel them.

On the other hand, Russian troops have begun patrolling near the Turkish border in Syria, according to the agreement. Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that if the Kurds do not vacate the area, they will be destroyed. According to an agreement reached with Turkey, Moscow forces have begun patrolling in an area 10 km from the Turkish border. According to the agreement reached during the Turkish President’s visit to Russia, Moscow and Damascus will ensure the withdrawal of the Kurds from the Turkish border. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russia will depart 276 military and 33 units of military equipment next week. Meanwhile, the Turkish president has warned that Turkey will crush them if the rebels do not come out of the safe zone. Recep Tayyip Erdogan also criticized Western leaders who met with Kurdish leaders. On the other hand, the Russian air force launched an airstrike on Idlib, the rebel’s last location in Syria.


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