US Military Wants to Hack the Human Brain

The United States is planning to break into their minds to enhance their skills soldiers

The United States is planning to break into their minds to enhance their skills soldiers

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Soldier’s professional skills and fighting spirit is the source of power of the army, That’s why the soldiers are made of various types of physical exercises to replace the best fighters and trained to handle weapons. Love the motherland in heart and enhance the spirit of the land defense and to educate them is determined to destroy the enemy. To change traditionally the best military men of the crowd is in practice the same way in every country. But the United States is planning to break into their minds to expand capabilities of its soldiers. Mental ability to separate each individual is endowed by nature. No more and no less intelligent. But the US government is willing to make every soldier super intelligent use of artificial methods. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) is a sub-agency of the US Department of Defense. New Technologies developed for military purposes to include in its responsibilities. 8 under DARPA research project is underway aimed at learning capacity can be increased while tampering with the human brain through the electric current that knows. If it is possible then a person will be able to master a lot less complicated and hard training. DARPA ongoing research project under the name of the program (Trgeted Neuroplasticity Training) TNT. According to the description in this regard will be to try to control the function of this part of the brain that is involved in the learning process. This learning process is called synaptic plasticity. 7 experts from each project in research projects in universities are listed on separate aspects of the research process methods. A team possible to increase the capacity of the brain during learning control of which is trying to trace the physiological mechanisms of action. It will be mastering foreign languages ​​with the odd short time in complex training stages. Spies are the relevant country for the payment of duties by teaching foreign languages. Learn some English, some speakers to master the flow of time and takes several years. Learning with force under this program will also seek to improve and enhance capabilities to smell the smell of danger.


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