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Biden's victory has been officially announced

Biden’s victory has been officially announced

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The new head of the Pentagon, Christopher C. Miller, hinted on Saturday that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq could be accelerated. In his address to the Armed Forces, he said: “We have met the challenges; it is time for the US Armed Forces to return home. Christopher C. Miller, the new head of the Pentagon, is among those who emerged victorious on the Kandahar front during the 2001 US-led invasion of Afghanistan. The main reason for the removal of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper is President Trump’s rhetoric against the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the covert support of President-elect Joe Biden. Joe Biden, who included Afghanistan policy in his manifesto before the election, said the United States needed a long-term presence in Afghanistan to maintain its balance of power in South Asia but the Taliban not only congratulated Biden on his victory, but also announced that if the new US government broke the agreement with the Taliban, the Taliban would fight back.

The latest situation in Afghanistan is that a large number of people were sent to Blackwater on the instructions of the sacked Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. His job also includes Mark Milley, the US Army’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. Meanwhile, India, with the help of the United States, has started trying to involve the Taliban’s ally Pakistan in the bilateral war. India has created a war-like situation on the LOC. In this way, Pakistan is being threatened with attack from Afghanistan and India and it is being told to end CPAC, leave with China. And if you recognize Israel, a lot can be given that will solve Pakistan’s problems. Saudi Arabia is also being given a special task in this regard. The new head of the Pentagon, Christopher C. Miller, says that we are not people of perpetual war, but of the ideology we stand for and for which our forefathers fought. All wars must end. The Pentagon’s policy is in line with President Trump’s priorities. They also want to bring American troops back before Christmas. Miller is the fourth defense secretary in the Trump administration’s four-year term. He was appointed the new head of the Pentagon on November 9, two days after President Trump’s election defeat. Christopher Miller is a former US Special Forces officer as well as a counterterrorism expert. The Trump administration has been trying for months to withdraw troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible. The Acting US Secretary of Defense said without mentioning any specific war, many people are tired of war, I am one of them. But this is a critical stage, in which we are shifting our efforts from a leadership role to a supporting role.

The United States also signed a peace deal with the Afghan Taliban in February this year. There will be about 4,500 US troops in Afghanistan. The purpose of these troops is to provide assistance to the Afghan security forces. Talks are currently underway between the Afghan Taliban and the Kabul government. Pakistan is playing the role of central mediator in paving the way for peace between the Afghan Taliban and the Kabul government. Donald Trump has the legal right and resources to challenge the outcome of the vote. In the near future, they will have to prove in court that there has been election fraud, but so far they have made this claim without any evidence. If he fails to do so by January 20, the new president will be announced and Trump will have to leave office. All of this is happening at a time when the war for the presidency in the United States is over, but it is not over. So far, the news has been that both India and Israel will not be able to get the same concessions from Biden that they did under Trump. But the United States signed a satellite agreement with India on October 27, which includes Biden’s will and will continue. Joe Biden is preparing to form a government these days. According to the procedure, they would have to provide immediate employment to more than 4,000 people to run their government. In the past, this number was low. The reason was that the former president’s people were already there, but this time President Trump has refused to recognize the election, so new employees will be needed.

The US election has damaged America’s reputation to a great extent, but it is still true that even if an elephant dies, it is worth a million. So far, the election has not been recognized by President Trump, nor has Biden’s victory been officially announced. But the announcement must be made before December 14 so that Biden can get the electoral vote and be elected full president.


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