United Kingdom: Election campaign started on approval, will be the general election on 8 June

UK general election will be held 8 June

UK general election will be held 8 June

London … News Time

Find the approval of the election campaign has been launched in the UK. British Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to come back with a heavy mandate from addressing the rally in Bolton. Theresa May says suddenly decided to hold elections during Walking Holidays in Wales with her husband. After the elections, the decision to meet the Queen informed decisions. He said that the early elections Brexit to be completed successfully. Britain will have stability for the long term and would prefer to see people go to different places. The Theresa May elections will not take part in TV debates before. The United Kingdom’s opposition parties have started campaigning. Labor Party leader Jeremy carbon are said while addressing a rally in croydon London area that Power Theresa May election promises are not related to health care and education, and not even participate in the debates. He said that the election will be decided on the rich richer in other communities will get the right to development. Parliament will be voting in the general elections of June 8 Parliament approved the 522 votes cast in the elections on June 8, only 13 votes were cast against. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May said after the decision that the disclosure of the UK general election, together with the Queen informed decisions. He said that we will come back with heavier mandate before, The Prime Minister said that we would be able to defend the interests of the British people Brexit successful, the process will be completed successfully Brexit holding early elections, and the United Kingdom’s stability for long duration. Meanwhile, the proposed election of Gurtin June 8 election is likely to be canceled. Gurtin parliamentary election in the constituency was 4 May.


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