U S should lift sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program, France, Germany, Britain

German, French and UK foreign ministers

German, French and UK foreign ministers

Berlin … News Time

The foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany are hopeful that the new US president, Donald Trump, will lift unnecessary sanctions on Iran and restore the 2015 Tehran Agreement with it. The foreign ministers of Germany, France and the United Kingdom have met in Berlin to discuss a new US administration and Joe Biden’s team to discuss lifting sanctions on Iran. The ministers of the three countries expressed confidence that Iran would abide by the agreement and stop the growth of its nuclear program. And in return, the United States will lift the global economic and other sanctions imposed on it. However, European ministers have hinted that if Donald Trump declares war on Iran in the last days of his presidency, European countries will not remain silent and will respond in full.

Earlier, the Biden administration had said that talks could be held with Iran if it agreed to a nuclear program, among other issues, under the 2015 agreement. Although talks between European countries and the new US administration have not yet officially begun, all three European countries are ready and have completed their work to curb the nuclear program and restore Iran’s economic breathe. Together with the Biden administration, sanctions imposed on Iran by President Trump could be lifted. However, it remains to be seen what will happen to the situation in the region if the United States resumes the agreement with Iran following the recommendations of European countries. And if Donald Trump suddenly declares war on Iran, how will countries around the world react to stop World War III and where will Israel stand?


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