Two former presidents Hosni Mubarak and Mohamed Morsi face each other for the first time at court

Two former Egyptian presidents Hosni Mubarak and Mohammad Morsi

Two former Egyptian presidents Hosni Mubarak and Mohammad Morsi

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Two former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Dr. Muhammad Morsi were facing the face of a court in the capital Cairo for the first time. And Hosni Mubarak witnessed in the court against Dr. Muhammad Morsi. Dr. Muhammad Mursi in the Criminal Court on Cairo in early 2011 against Hossain Mubarak during the public protest movement, I am trying to harm the jail buildings by destroying them, killing them, killing a murder, the jail-depot. And the prisoners and other criminals from Hamas, Hizbullah, are being charged in the charges of escaping from the jail.

Hossain Mubarak said on Wednesday on Wednesday, saying that during the 25th January revolution 800 people belonging to different nationalities were dumped from Egypt’s eastern border and the way to the tunnel from Gaza entered the land of Egypt. They had weapons. He had turned the prisoners to release prisoners from Hizbullah, Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood. He further added that he had broken the Wadi el-Natrun prison because there were people belonging to Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. The invaders killed the police officers in northern Sinaa. He told the court that he has more information but he needs permission from the presidency to disclose.

Former Egyptian President said that the matter of Gaza tunnels is very complicated. Before destroying many of them had destroyed the tunnels. During the destruction of these tunnels, we were attacked by Gaza. He was also blessed with the blessings of his two sons Alaa and Gamal Mubarak. Both former presidents were made extraordinary security arrangements in Cairo at the time of trial in the criminal court. Hosni Mubarak in the court had to present in December early in the January 25 revolution in the case of the attacks on the jail. But they refused to come to witness under a civil request because the lawyer of Farid al-Adab, the lawyer still has military status (status).

It is the first time in Egypt’s history that two former presidents Hosni Mubarak and Dr. Muhammad Morsi were gathered in the same hall of the first time for the first time. The first among them came to testify and the second was presented as a defendant. The alleged supporters of Dr. Muhammad Mursi or Muslim Brotherhood said when they were lying on the jail and police stations. So at that time the Honorable Mubarak ruled on the presidency and he was asked to witness in the court in such a situation. After these events 25 January 2011, their long lasting rule was over.


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