Trump’s accountability: There is also public support, Nancy Pelosi claims

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that there was also public support for President Donald Trump’s motion. He said that the administration’s behavior has also influenced public opinion following the accusation against the president. According to the World News Agency, speaker Nancy Pelosi has not given a final date in this regard, but says the intelligence committee is reviewing the available evidence and evidence, she is busy investigating the facts after which she will submit her report and in the light of this further progress will be possible.

US President Donald Trump is accused of pressuring Ukraine’s president to investigate former US president Joe Biden who hired his son at a Ukrainian gas company at a heavy price. Joe Biden flatly denied the allegations. Interestingly, Biden is considered the strongest candidate for President Donald Trump in the US presidential elections next year. He may be a candidate on the Democratic Party ticket. US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced last week that she would begin an accountability action against President Trump or else she was not supporting the move. Democratic members of the House of Representatives have long been trying to win the presidency.

No president in American history has been removed from office by chance. Richard Nixon was the only president who resigned rather than faces his impeachment. US President Trump is accused of pressuring another country’s president to give him political advantage otherwise military cooperation with him will be terminated. The president was also accused of seeking help from Russia in the 2016 presidential election. Robert Miller was appointed to investigate the allegations of Russian support, saying in his report that President Trump obstructed the investigation. Under US law, Congress has the right to oust the current president by following a procedure devised.


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