Threat of Muslim and Kashmir genocide in India

Alert issued regarding genocide of Muslims in India and Kashmir

Alert issued regarding genocide of Muslims in India and Kashmir

Karachi … News Time

Dr. Gregory Stanton, founder of Genocide Watch, an organization that understands the dangers of genocide in different parts of the world, gave some concrete reasons during a congressional briefing on the Geno Side of Indian Muslims organized by the Indian American Muslim Council. Modi had been the Chief Minister of Gujarat when the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat took place and he did nothing to save the Muslims. Modi used anti-Muslim and Islamophobic rhetoric to expand his politics. Modi can still repeat this exercise in two ways. The special status of a Kashmir was abolished in 2019, with the aim of making the valley, which is now a Muslim-majority state, a Hindu-majority state. Second, the Citizenship Amendment Act was introduced in India, granting citizenship to migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, while excluding only one group, the Muslims. The law was intended to target the nearly 3 million Muslims who migrated from Bangladesh and settled in Assam.

Myanmar’s government has also legally stripped Muslims of their citizenship, and then deported them through violence and genocide. Dr. Gregory Stanton, the founder of Genocide Watch, predicted the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The Geno Sidewatch was founded in 1999 and aims to prevent genocide and campaigns around the world. Dr. Gregory Stanton’s acknowledgment of the dangers of genocide against India and Muslims is an alarm in the world. Genocide does not happen all of a sudden because blood does not flow in the human eye in such a way that they run away from their neighbors, acquaintances, benefactors with spears and knives. In fact, it is a seed of hatred which is sown one day and then it grows in the bottom of the earth till it becomes a tree. Has become a hobby. Then man can fall below his original place of humanity and wearing the cloak and skin of a savage does not even forgive his neighbors, acquaintances, those who play in a playground and those who work in an office.

At that time human religion is also hated and nationality is also hated. Behind this horror is the mindset of years. Then if the state also becomes the supporter of this fanaticism, then the dance of horror takes on its full color. This is what happened in Gujarat, where Narendra Modi needed to strengthen his political base, for which Modi had already started fanning the flames of anti-Muslim Hindutva mentality. As many as 5,000 people, including a Member of Parliament, were brutally murdered in Gujarat. Narendra Modi watched the spectacle of this dance of devil with great cruelty and heartbreak. Now Modi is the Prime Minister of India. Modi has resorted to every tactic to wall off Muslims. The first blow was dealt to the Kashmiris and it was a test of the world as to whether it reacted to India’s move or remained silent. The world has been criminally silent on this issue. No attempt was made to understand the long-term objectives of the August 5 decision and the mindset behind it. This indifference of the world boosted Modi’s morale and he took the path of making the whole of India Kashmir. It was decided to wall off Muslims by introducing the Citizenship Amendment Act. The eyes of the Indian Muslim leaders, who have disassociated themselves from the Kashmir issue, opened their eyes when they saw their future dark and gloomy through the binoculars of the Citizenship Amendment Act. Muslims protested.

The women set up a protest camp in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh but the Modi government did not budge and one day the camp was attacked by extremists. Muslim property was burned and protests were called off by force. In these operations as in Gujarat, the police decided to be spectators instead of taking any action against the rioters. Kashmir is already in the hands of India and the clear objective of the August 5 decision is to change the proportion of the population. Myanmar style of population change can be adopted. Hatred against Muslims is on the rise in India. In the seminar held under the name of Dharma Sansad, the speakers talked about making India a Myanmar of Muslims without keeping it wrapped up. Now that the head of the Genoese side watch has sounded the alarm once again, there are reasons behind it. The public mind is filled with hatred. The minds of the administration are anti-Muslim and full of sectarianism. The head of government is fully sponsoring this behavior and the state has already pushed its potential target into a weak position by making laws. After that, it is only a matter of time before a spark of hatred flies and the gruesome stories of genocide begin to emerge.


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